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Beyerdynamic New XP series, the Unexpected

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  1. SpringBiscuit
    not too sure on that, might be due to price issue in different market.
    But luckily it still ships internationally.  
  2. angeljay
    seriously this headphone is really worth for rhis kind of price range...i love it so much
  3. alexandria99
    yeah,  heard from a fren. it's awesome. if i'm not mstaken, they have several series right??
  4. ostewart
    My review:

  5. angeljay
    thanks thanks..its good.  so which xp u using?
  6. alexandria99
    planning to get the xp-2. but everyone kept on saying xp-3 is the best. so????
  7. angeljay
    Good question... its depend of what kind of sound u are looking for?
  8. alexandria99
    mine is more towards metal. i want a good bass, but not too bass-y. i want clear sounding. so, which one is the best?
  9. angeljay
    i think xp2 shud be the one which suit you..you 1st time buy earphone?
  10. ostewart
    Yes XP2 sounds best for your liking.

  11. SpringBiscuit
    go for Xp2, my recommendation if you want more dynamic for your music genre.
  12. eggypiggy
    would this be good for the sport usage? the angle feed seems like quite nice for the sport usage.
  13. ostewart
    Too much microphonics for sports, and slightly too heavy
  14. SpringBiscuit
    the cable slider is the only way to reduce the microphonic thou
  15. beyerlove
    I though XP1 has pretty boomy bass at first,
    But mine came through 200+ burn-in time and gradually I start to think my XP1 is getting tighter bass sound.
    And I thought I prefer XP3 over XP1 for balanced sound, now I prefer XP1 under noisy enviroment, in train or buss.
    Those XP series are really great earphones!
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