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Beyerdynamic New XP series, the Unexpected

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  1. fhuang
    maybe they can sound like dtx900(910)?  dtx900 actually very good, and fun too.  anyway, thanks
  2. DanKK87
    Cool earphone, Looks good, Sounds good and it is Beyerdynamic. What more could i say?
    "Shut up and take the money!" LOL
  3. SpringBiscuit
    it is pretty different sound across 3 models, i havent try the XP1 and 2, however XP3 i would categorize pretty close to DT770pro signature.
  4. drkillpatient20
    i bought some xp1s after reading this thread. i primarily listen to hiphop so im curious as how to they compare to my brainwavz m2 and turbines
  5. SpringBiscuit
    updated first page with more reviews
  6. SpringBiscuit
  7. Choon Beng
    Woaw, didnt expect there is a thread with so many discussion so fast, as the product barely passed 2 months.
    Beyerdynamic XP series is awesome, Cheap and cheerful which i'm fully agreed.
  8. SpringBiscuit

    Thanks for your head up =), just got a new XP2 for my brother, he likes more on bass, while XP1 is too much on bass, so i picked XP2 for him, great mid low impact =D.
  9. Choon Beng
    XP2 has more mid bass compare with 3, and for RnB fast music, the mid bass can really perform and blend in well for bass love, glad that your brother like it.
    It is pretty popular in the country where Jaben has an outlet.
  10. SpringBiscuit
    I believe XP2 has better popularity due to his main signature, while XP3 seem slightly flat abit compare with 2.
  11. Zelda
    these look like something like Superlux HD381 series, 3 models with 3 tunnings
  12. SpringBiscuit
  13. beyerlove
    I'm using XP1 and XP3 and I really like XP3.
    XP1 is bit too strong in bass, but XP3 is spot-on for me.
    I actually prefer XP3 over Shure SE215 and Final Audio Design Adagio III.
    XP series have beyer house sound signature. reminds me the sound of their overhead DT990s.
    Being a beyer fan, it was good purchase for me.
  14. SpringBiscuit
    no doubt, for casual and fun listening experience, Beyer XP does outperform them.
  15. beyerlove
    I'm bit puzzled why beyer released XP series exclusively for Asian market.
    Setting the most bassheaded XP1's case apart, XP2 and XP3 will be favorably accepted by Europian & North American people.
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