Beyerdynamic Amiron Home (the new T90)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Sep 28, 2016.
  1. kman1211
    Nope, the DT 1770/1990 or Amiron Home treble doesn’t bother me. It’s a treble texture and treble fidelity thing for me, I can handle somewhat bright treble. The T1.2 just had too much, if it was a few dB less I probably wouldn’t have an issue with the T1. The best treble on a Beyer I heard has to be the DT 48/480 but those are the definition of acquired tastes and love or hate. It’s softer than the DT 1990s but the Amiron actually has just as much if not more treble(more extended treble for sure, the DT 1990 rolls off a bit quicker in the upper treble), the DT 1990s have more upper mids and have a drier texture to their sound. The Amiron may still have too much treble for you, so they are definitely something you have to listen to. When it comes to not having a lot of treble, the DT 150 is probably the darkest Beyer I’ve heard.
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  2. endgame
    Thanks man. Really appreciate your input.
  3. kman1211
    No problem, the Amiron is just one of those weird headphones where it's bright but the treble texture takes a lot of the edge off so it may not always seem bright. There is definitely no resonance issues in the treble. I also have my Amiron paired with a darker sounding amp, the Sony UDA-1.
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  4. lugnut
    I have the Amiron and the Nighthawk, overall I prefer the Amiron. To me it is more balanced with a little more treble, I am 50+ years old with a history of working around loud machinery & firearms, so that may be why I like a little more top end. I do use the NHs from time to time with bright albums. I would like to try the DT 1990 but I am afraid it would be too much treble as the Amiron is fine but I don't want anymore.
    As far as the hd650, I know they are confirmed by most that they are superior to the other 2 HPs and by measurements they are. However for my ears and the type of music I listen to they are not , again for me. When I listen to singer/songwriter music I do use the 650, for progressive rock they do not do it.
    Some people (not here) say because I prefer what I do, I am limited in knowledge and do not have enough experience to see that the 650 is superior. Again I own them and can read their measurements, I just do not enjoy them as much. And saying it is my lack of whatever is just pure bullsh*t elitism !
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  5. kman1211
    I personally don't find the HD 650 is superior to the Amiron Home or DT 1990, I honestly find both Beyers better imho. I always liked the HD 600 and HD 650 for their tonality and tuning, they aren't the last word in terms of fidelity to my ears but are headphones that I feel are very safe, nicely transparent, and I can always enjoy listening to, especially on nicer systems. The HD 600 is one of my reference headphones for a neutral sound. But at times I feel there is something somewhat missing with them. The Nighthawks I actually liked them overall, just fatigue issues over time left a bit of a sour note with me. Yes they do measure better, but I always found measurements only tell part of the story, my favorite headphone(modded DT 480) probably measures like crap, but in terms of sonic fidelity to my ears, it's a different level as it makes almost everything else sound wrong after I adjusted to and figured their sound out. There is definitely some elitism, which is the problem when people sift through things too much, it can develop too much of a narrative where people can act like differing opinions are wrong when in reality they may not be. It's really trying to find the balance of not going too far either way.
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  6. lugnut
    Well said !
  7. kman1211
    Thank you. You may really like the DT 1990 especially if you don't mind more present mids. I find the Amirons better at divulging subtle emotional cues in the music while DT 1990 has more energy and dynamic slam. One thing I found the Beyers tend to be more musical and emotionally involved than the Senns and just about anything in their price range, something about the Tesla 2.0 Beyers is very musical and euphoric to my ears.
  8. kiwikozo
    So I have tried them for a few hours now and come to the conclusion that the Amiron Home are not my cup of tea. I still found the treble spike too much, and prefer the sound signature of the planar magnetic oppo pm-2. The Amiron's sound stage is good, but for movies, tv shows - especially those without really high bitrate sound they are too rough. I found this was the case with most youtube videos. And even with lossless audio the treble sounded too harsh for my liking. The bass was great for fully open cans. And they are incredibly comfortable, but for £500+ headphones the plastic construction is disappointing.

    The treble made these uncomfortable to listen to for more than 1 hour. I'm glad I listened to them as I wanted to try them out for a while. Now I'm considering the PMx2 conversion.
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  9. kman1211
    Perfectly understandable. The treble of the Amiron isn't for everyone, I don't mind their treble and I use a rather dark amp so they work out for me, but honestly may add a headphone with more relaxed treble as a compliment down the road. Honestly the DT 1990 is the one with the build quality that justifies the price(robust and a more metal), the Amiron feels cheap in comparison.
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  10. DavidA
    What DAC/amp did you use with the Amiron?
  11. kiwikozo
    Oppo HA-1 and then tried it with my Dragonfly Red w/ Jitterbug in my PC. DFR surprisingly powered them well, it's such a fantastic little device!
  12. lugnut
    I should have added that I too use a slightly warm system, matrix hpa-3b into a emotiva erc-3 cd player which is completely balanced. So I can see they may not be a good fit for something more neutral with youtube and such. Sorry they did not work for you.
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  13. kman1211
    Both DACs are ESS Sabre devices, always found the Amiron didn't seem to like the ESS Sabre devices much in my testing, didn't seem to mesh well with the treble. I use a Sony UDA-1 as a DAC which uses a Burr Brown pcm 1795 chip in it. I alternate between the UDA-1 amp when I want a darker more robust sound and the Magni 3 for when I want a less robust, slightly brighter sound with more forward mids.
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  14. kiwikozo
    But surely using a different dac/amp combo, couldn't possibly produce more than subtle differences in the harshness of the treble, with the headphones themselves have a slight treble spike?
  15. ahmadfaizadnan
    Give r2r dac a try. That could edge out the treble.

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