Beyerdynamic Amiron Home (the new T90)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Sep 28, 2016.
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  1. kevn
    Thanks. The hairs were obvious from the moment I opened the box. Might have just been carpet fabric, but I paid for a brand new item. I'm going to exchange it.
  2. shadowgroin
    no hairs but mine had those plastic bags, bought it from canada computers
  3. MTMECraig
    Hairs?? That isn't right... I doubt they gave the Amiron a hair cut right before it came out to you.
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  4. Vergil
    Anyone knows how the Amirons compare to the T90s? I'd like to upgrade to warmer, more fun cans, but without loosing resolution, clarity or soundstage (in other words I'm searching for phones that are objectively better than the T90s). I tried the Denon MM400s which I liked very much, they are small, good looking, and the sound is super smooth, it feels like you could listen to them all day long, however the overall SQ was mid-fi at best when compared to the T90s. I mostly listen to modern orchestral pieces (eg. Two Steps From Hell). On the M400s the bass was too boomy and most stringed instruments had no texture at all. The T90 might be light on bass but when it hits it hits hard and instruments like the violin can be mesmerizing. As far as I know the D7200s are the "Hi-Fi" version of the MM400s, unfortunately I have no option to try them out and the price is also too steep for me.

    The Amirons look like the right choice because they are warmer, more fun and they replace the T90s meaning they cannot be worse in any way (if they were Beyer would keep selling the T90s as an alternative). Unfortunately I cannot try out the Amirons before buying either (I can return them within 14 days though).

    Any info on what should I expect from the Amirons would be incredibly helpful.
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  5. vibin247
    Just put in a BuyDig order for these headphones...Can't wait to enjoy them! Man, this hobby is sure taking precedence on my free time and hard earned dollars :beyersmile:
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  6. arielext
    You will surely enjoy these; great headphones!
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  7. vibin247
    INITIAL RESPONSE: After a few minutes of experiencing these, my god...Holy cow, these headphones are comfortable. They also fit better than the DT 990s that I've been using, along with the HD 650s. The earpads seem to be narrower, but more velvety soft than the velour pads of the DT 990s, and allow to envelop my ear more fittingly. I'm definitely going to have to burn in these cans, but the sound signature is what I'm looking for: a defined, but not overwhelming bass, smooth midrange and exciting, but not sibilant treble. I'm still definitely putting the T1.2 or its' successor on my list for future cans, because Beyerdynamic's flagship can puts out an analytical, but immensely fascinating sound to my ears. It's a bit early to judge, but I can feel that the Amiron Home will be a very satisfying headphone for a good long while.
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  8. kman1211
    Glad you are enjoying them so far, they definitely ended up a very satisfying headphone long term for me. It's interesting the headphone refuses to be sibilant or piercing despite actually having a quite bright treble, I can spend all day listening to them without issue and I've always been sensitive to treble issues and I've had them for roughly 8 months. It's why I always gave up on the non-tesla Beyers as they irritated me after a while even the DT 150 which is the tamest of the previous gen Beyers. The T1.2 also wasn't sibilant to my ears just managed to be a little vivid in the treble for my ears. Do miss the T1.2 though, I am waiting on it's successor. Very happy where I am Beyer wise though. I am currently eyeing the HD 650's successor the HD 660S as my next headphone, waiting on impressions on it from reviewers and people I trust their ears though.
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  9. vibin247
    Just out of curiosity, are the earpads and headband pad user replaceable, or would you have to send it back to Beyerdynamic for service?
  10. kman1211
    They are easily replacable. On the headband you just need the right size star screwdriver and the earpads should pop right off with the ring that holds them. Even the drivers are user replaceable. They are basically as user serviceable as the HD 600/650.
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  11. vibin247
    That's a relief! It didn't look obvious that the pads were replaceable.
  12. kman1211
    I wasn't sure at first but realized they were, but you can put any round Beyer pads on it you want. I've also swapped a DT 1770/1990 headband on the Amirons, makes the clamp much tighter and brings the sound more forward due to increased clamp.
  13. vibin247
    I definitely wanted to try those Dekoni Audio earpads, and now I know I can use them on the Amiron.
  14. lugnut
  15. kiwikozo
    I really want to try these properly.

    Does a Dragonfly red properly power them? And right now I have Oppo PM-2's. How would you say they compare?

    I like the relaxed sound and treble of the PM-2's but am considering another pair of headphones for movies / just exploring other options as this was the last one on my list of headphones to try.

    I'm not a fan of too much treble, which is why I love my PM-2's. The sound stage isn't that large on the PM2's either but they are pretty fantastic in every other way.

    Is the treble harsh at all on the Amiron's? What is the sound stage like when compared to the HD598, fidelio X2, HD800. And how does it compare in general to the fidelio X2's?

    I would mainly use them for watching movies, listening to non-classical music, and lots of youtube videos - which can be quite poor in audio quality. Will it bring out harshness?

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