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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. Toastybob
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  2. Slater
    If you’re handy with soldering, you could cut off the 2-pin ends and attach mmcx ends.

    They also make 2-pin to mmcx adapters, which you could use to convert the cable to mmcx.
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  3. facethemusic88
    If only they had the mmcx variant for this cable. Not gonna mess about soldering. Any idea if they are looking to produce any in the coming weeks?

    Looking for a balanced 2.5 to pair with the DM6. Electro Acoustic store seems to not give a F about queries. I rather put my money elsewhere.
  4. citral23
    Received my kbear F1 with an unknown driver (no markings on it nor vent, no idea what it is and too lazy to skim the forum) and I'm very impressed on overall clarity and nice timbre on acoustic instruments.

    It's not going to win any contest, but it looks, feels and sounds minimal, and I like it because it really doesn't sound off in any aspect, which is what I ask of a budget iem.

    This will go to the backpack for now until I pick a single DD. Good job, this is pretty good for a 20€ single BA.
  5. Tonymac136
    It's a generic version. Reckoned to be identical to the Tenhz driver used in some others (as opposed to the "correct" Bellsing). I've got that and the Tenhz one and both seem ok. I haven't bothered with A-B listening as I am sharing tips and cable between both units.
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  6. citral23
    Ah ok, I've seen them on amazon FR too, with an explicit bellsing mention for 30€, might get one, can always return it if it's not the "right" driver.
  7. Tonymac136
    My Semkarch CNT has finally started singing. I've had the devil's own job getting them to fit comfortably and seal. I've had one or the other or neither but never both. An hour of listening in and I am still feeling no discomfort. Spiral Dots a size smaller than usual have seen me right. Now I need to work out whether I prefer CNT or Blon.
  8. FastAndClean
    Wrap something around your neck and get crankin'
  9. Slater
    That’s the generic Tehnz 29898 driver. It’s a custom driver developed by Tehnz, so it’s not a clone of any Knowles model.

    It’s unvented BTW
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  10. citral23
    OK, found your post wrapping up the different drivers versions and sound difference (thx google) while listening to it.

    Found its limit on fast and dense cymbals, not the most natural sounding set, and on a crowded classical part starting to go crescendo it kind of crapped itself and lost coherence, but otherwise I'm still quite impressed, especially by the mids clarity (without much fatigue).
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  11. baskingshark

    U can ask the others in the above CHIFI thread for headphones. Like CHIFI IEMs, the CHIFI headphone segment is really catching up to their western counterparts in the midfi segment.

    I personally use the OKCSC ZX1, around $50 USD. Quite big soundstage and good details/clarity. It looks clownish though, but sound quality is amazing for the price. And it has good bass quantity and extension for an open back set of cans. Though it needs a DAC/AMP to truly shine.
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  12. mbwilson111
    Hey! Not on me it doesn't/
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  13. rogthefrog
    You're thinking of lawyers.
  14. Danfish98
    After spending a couple days with the DT6 Pro I think I'm going back to the original DT6 as my daily driver. The Pro is going to be the better pair for a vast majority of music but the better sub bass extension, separation, and imaging of the original plus the lack of any sibilance makes it better to my ears for metal.
  15. AudioNoob

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