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Best Headset 70% Gaming+30% Music!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by supreme-magnum, Jul 25, 2012.
  1. Supreme-Magnum
    Hello, i want to buy a headphone/headset and:
    1: Maximum budget 150$(would prefer if the headphone you choose cost less than 100$ and still have great audio&materiel quality)
    2:music (dubstep+DnB-90%-+Trance+House+Glitch+Bass)
    3:Supreme for gaming
    4: i want to use it essetiely for gaming 70% and listening to music 30%, at home plugged in my computer(which is built soly for gaming),dont care if it has a system that can isolate me from outside given that our home and neighbor is quiet.
    5: i live in a place where it can get as hot as hell in summer (i am talking about 40+ celius degree), so i would prefer them not to make my ears very hot and i want to be VERY VERY CONFORTABLE, given that i game or listen to music for more than 4 hours straight ( 4h minim and 6 hours max)
    oh, and i dont know what amplifyer mean and i do not have enough money to buy it anyway!

    Thanks for the help!
    i did some research and come up with these two : 


    Audio Technica ATH M50 vs. Sennheiser HD558 vs Audio Technica AD700

  2. dolan
    I would recommend the Audio Technica AD700 over the former two for mostly gaming with a bit of music thrown in.
  3. Supreme-Magnum
  4. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    The AD700 with the genres he mentioned...


    Don't know of any velour padded headphone that does those genres any justice and is within your budget.

    The Creative Aurvana Live is the one I'd easily recommend to you (shares the same OEM as the Denon D1001), but like any and every pleather padded headphone, they will get hot. There is no pleather padded headphone that doesn't get hot. Impossible.

    The HD558 won't have the balls to bring those genres to life.

    Just avoid the AD700... you'll cry at how pathetic they make those genres of music sound.
  5. Supreme-Magnum
    hhhhhhhh, ok chief, thanks :D
  6. Supreme-Magnum
    Mad Lust Envy are there better one than this one that cost around 130$ ? 
  7. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I'm sorry, I didn't stay in that price range long before I jump to $250 headphones. The Creative Aurvana Live hits well above it's price range.
  8. Supreme-Magnum
    ok thank you
  9. dolan
    I think you're missing the point. If he's using the headphones for gaming the vast majority of the time, the AD700 will be by far the superior choice, even if it is inferior to other choices for his preferred music.
  10. AsianPowa214
    I have a pair of Turtle Beach X12, yes, they're wired, but they're only $60 at most and I use it for both gaming and listening to music and it works flawlessly when used for both purposes. The headphone is also light and comfortable to wear, it has been my best headphone til I recently bought a ATH-M50 (which is THE best headphone IMO)
  11. Mad Lust Envy Contributor

    The AD700s only benefit hardcore competitive gaming. He didn't state if all his game is competitive. For not so serious gaming, the AD700s... they lack quite a bit, and are absolutely horrible for his genres of music, period.
  12. dolan
    The Audio Technica AD700 complements any sort of game where sound positioning is important. Even games like Call of Duty and Battlefield benefit greatly from a good pair of headphones. Why would he spend up to $150 for a pair of headphones for "not so serious gaming"?
    In any case, purchasing the AD700 solely for gaming would leave quite a bit in his budget for other headphones that synergies better with his music selection.
  13. Victorious25
    I'd have to second the AD700s as well, and I have owned AD700s and own M50s.
    I loved my AD700s when I had them, and used them probably split 50/50 for gaming and music. Worked flawlessly for me straight out of my Creative X-fi Platinum.
    That being said, the M50s are no slouch, they have nice sound, a bit colored but many people prefer its sound signature. The primary reason I purchased the M50s was for a closed can that doesn't need amping to use while traveling (a little smaller, and foldable) since I frequently take public transportation, and travel a fair amount anyway. I have a portable amp, but I've had issues with TSA with it, so I just don't bother anymore.
    I'd recommend the AD700s for a few reasons, given your requirements. First off, to date I find the AD700s to be the most comfortable headphones I've worn. They felt so light on my head, and as a glasses wearer the clamping force was hardly even noticable. Now, I do know some people who find them to be too loose, so I guess it can go both ways in that respect, but for me they were fantastic.
    Definitely, the open-backed AD700s should do you more service when playing games, however I don't think the difference between these two will be that extreme. I'd still give the edge to the AD700s.
    Finally, in regards to the temperature thing, I will say that my ears often get very hot if I use the M50s solid for a few hours. Now, my AD700s used to make my ears warm over a long period of time as well, but I never recall them making me as hot as my M50s are able to. Its not entirely a fair comparison, since I generally use my M50s when I'm out and about, so not in as temperature controlled environments, and actually up and moving myself, but I never recall my AD700s making my ears even close to as hot as the M50s have gotten for me.
    Sorry for any incoherence in my response, I'm a bit tired and not entirely sure if my rambling made sense. Long story short, as a person who has owned both M50s and AD700s I recommend the AD700s.
  14. Hellbishop
    Yes toss my vote in for the Audio Technica ATH AD700 as well. They're fantastic for bringing out the smallest details in games like FALLOUT 3 and SKYRIM. So theres more to them then just directional goodness. Bass is there but its balanced and if you want more all you have to do is use an equalizer to boost it up. I have yet to find it lacking but am no bass head who would see it as non-existent on the ATH AD700. Thanks to the open style they help to give me an almost speaker like sound when listening to music, movies or gaming. As for the comfort they cant be beaten and i can wear them all year round without the worry of drenching my ears or my hairy noggin in sweat. They sounded great running straight from my pc and even moreso when i got my Onkyo TX-8555 stereo reciever.
    Best wishes on finding the headphones of your dream. By the way Mad Lust Envy is a pro at all things audio so i would check out his always valuable suggestions as well.
  15. Mad Lust Envy Contributor

    Please, you think too highly of me. I'm a simple guy who has spent too much on this hobby (IMHO), and it doesn't come close to the experience a lot of other users have. I can assure you, that I'm not a pro.

    I however do know that the AD700 wouldn't satisfy OP. No way, no how. The bass is incredibly anemic, and boosting it only make it audible. There's no real sense of impact there. It's a great headphone for certain genres, none mentioned by OP being a strength.

    And yes, it might be comfortable to some, but to a lot of others, it's an incredibly loose fit, and half the time you're wearing them is a balancing act to keep them from sliding around on your head.

    I seriously recommend looking in the direction of the Creative Aurvana Live which is a warmer, smoother alternative to the M50s with more soundstage, not as rugged, but well worth the money spent. Not to mention, they will do the genres of music OP stated quite well.

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