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Best Headphone for the Woo WA22

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by icenine2, Nov 12, 2010.
  1. Icenine2
    I finally ordered the Woo WA22.  Currently I own AKG K701's.  I listened to beyerdynamic T-1 at Skylab's on a WA6 and it was beautiful.  But that was a single ended setup and WA22 is balanced.  I thought I'd get the T-1s but I didn't know it was a hard wire mod.  The Senn HD800's and LCD-2 are nice because you just plug them to a balanced cable and your done.  Plus if you end up selling them it's just easier w/o balanced.  Opinions?  I know nothing about the LCD-2's except what I've read and understand they are particular about the amp they are paired with.  Thanks.
  2. mikemalter

    I am running my WA22 with a Sennheiser HD800 with the Cardas cable and balanced connectors.  I really like it.  I have not heard any other 'phones, so I can't compare.  I have read alot that the HD800 is a good match.  Then again there are the T1 crowd and I have read threads from them saying they loved the T1 with the WA22.
    There is a kind of a tone to the headphone irregardless of the amp, so the question is did you like the T1 sound?
  3. Uncle Erik Contributor
    You're sort of working backwards. I usually tell people to find the headphone they want and then determine the best amp for the headphone. You didn't really do anything bad, I just hope you don't fall for a particular headphone and then end up buying another amp for it. Then again, you might find your amp to be the perfect match for your favorite headphones. :)
  4. mikemalter


    Hey Uncle, very good point.  That is what I was thinking when I wrote,  "There is a kind of a tone to the headphone irregardless of the amp, so the question is did you like the T1 sound?"

    Am I missing something? I would not want to share an opinion that would steer someone the wrong way.
  5. tvrboy
    This thread is really wierd... maybe its cause im drunk....just looking at the WA22's specs it depends on the tubes used. Since Audeze recommends at least 2 watts for the LCD-2, if you have the 7236 tubes the WA22 should be fine. WIth the other tubes, not so much. The T1 is a decent headphone thats not too picky about amplification. If you want something that is easy to get a balanced cable for, try the HE-5LE. It's not too expensive and there are a few different balanced cables you can buy or it, take your pick of which snakeoil you like the best.
  6. wuwhere Contributor
    X2 with UE. You should build your system around your hp starting with an amp.

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