Beoplay E8

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  1. wilberforce55
    New software (5.4.0) out with app update
  2. rasmusf
    Did any of you lose the 'successful connection'-beep with the 5.4.0 update?
  3. nc8000 Contributor
    The 5.40 fw has been out for about 2 months
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    You still get the beep in the right unit, the left unit beep disapeared a couple of fw’s back
  5. buzzlulu
    Any notes on the firmware? What is it supposed to do?

    I also own the H9i in addition to my E8's - is there also firmware for that?
  6. nc8000 Contributor
    I’ve yet to see any description of what has changed in any of the fw updates so far
  7. wilberforce55
    I was up to date with the most current software, but when i downloaded the updated app it said there was new software

    It said it improves calls and a few bug issues
  8. buzzlulu
    Thanks for the replies
  9. rasmusf
    I just get a initial turned-on beep. Used to get a second beep when connected
  10. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes the second beep that came from the left unit is gone
  11. wilberforce55
    Same with me. And i had 5.4 before
  12. Healeyman
    Just updated to firmware 5.6.0. Left - Right balance fixed and overall volume is higher than before. Also I found less right ear taps to get music to play. First tap gives you connect tone and second tap starts music playing. So far so good.
  13. wilberforce55
    5.6.0 is awesome. I have my iphone in my right breast pocket of my suit jacket. Often when i turned by head extreme left or right i got an instantaneous dropout, and when it reconnected the balance was all out of whack. i had to pause the phone for 5 seconds to re-align the balance

    Under this new update ive had no dropouts at all
  14. home44
    What came in the update?
  15. wilberforce55
    last night i got a very slight dropout, the the that would normally trigger the balance misalignment i referred to above

    Didn't happen,
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