Beoplay E8

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  1. wilberforce55
    New software (5.4.0) out with app update
  2. rasmusf
    Did any of you lose the 'successful connection'-beep with the 5.4.0 update?
  3. nc8000 Contributor
    The 5.40 fw has been out for about 2 months
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    You still get the beep in the right unit, the left unit beep disapeared a couple of fw’s back
  5. buzzlulu
    Any notes on the firmware? What is it supposed to do?

    I also own the H9i in addition to my E8's - is there also firmware for that?
  6. nc8000 Contributor
    I’ve yet to see any description of what has changed in any of the fw updates so far
  7. wilberforce55
    I was up to date with the most current software, but when i downloaded the updated app it said there was new software

    It said it improves calls and a few bug issues
  8. buzzlulu
    Thanks for the replies
  9. rasmusf
    I just get a initial turned-on beep. Used to get a second beep when connected
  10. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes the second beep that came from the left unit is gone
  11. wilberforce55
    Same with me. And i had 5.4 before
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