Beoplay E8

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  1. tdel

    Coming out soon. $299.

    They're pricey. I admit, I spent a year and a half getting strung along by kanoa and I joined the Zolo Liberty+ kickstarter. I want the perfect pair of truly wireless headphones (the Apple ones look ridiculous).

    Looking at the spec of the Beoplay E8's...

    No aptX - strike 1
    Bluetooth 4.2 - strike 2 (no bluetooth 5)
    $299 - strike 3

    For now I'll stick with the surprisingly good Cobble Pros for $50.
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  2. wilberforce55
    Well, after the debacle that was Trinity Phantom Air, I bit the bullet and bought a pair of these

    I have two pairs of unusable Phantom Airs on my desk, remaining me never to out more than $40 into a kickstarter project again

    These e8s are very good
  3. Iron-Buddha
    Wilberforce55, can you please update to the latest firmware and test the bass response?

    I got my replacement E8's yesterday, out of the box, the bass was centered and balanced between left and right. I updated to the latest firmware and got channel imbalance (same as my last pair). Not sure if I'm losing my mind.....

    UPDATE: So was outside and heard the E8 do some kind of switching...and now the left is a bit louder than the right.
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  4. Jazzi

    I tried the Jaybird Run last week, and the number of times the signal on the left earbud dropped was ridiculous. I could get them running again each time, but it required taking the bud out and putting it back in the case for a few seconds. Doing that 4 or 5 times during a 2-hour session was more than I was willing to put up with. Returned them and got the E8s. I didn't expect much from a BT earbud, but the sound from the E8 is very good.

    The Jaybird app is vastly superior to the B&O app (IMHO), but other than that, the E8 is vastly superior in every other way.
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  5. wilberforce55
    iron Buddha

    I have had the switching once or twice, but it hasn't impacted the left and right bass. Just makes the sound a bit different

    I am really impressed with these. The functionality is really good, as is the sound. Going to get some Large Comfy foam tips next week which will hopefully give an even better seal
  6. Rlin987
    I just purchased them and returned.. I feel like there are some connection issues for this, although they are nice looking.
  7. San Man
    Haven't had any issues yet, no drop outs, although I haven't used them outdoors much in crowded areas.

    In the gym, they work fine. Perfect. Great range, no channel imbalance and I'm on the newest firmware that downloaded a few days ago. I'm using my iPhone X as my source.
  8. eltorrete
    and the sound compared to one with cable?
  9. Paulando
    I’ve had these for a couple of weeks now.

    They’re comfortable (moreso than the B&O H5s), and give a good seal with the included comply tips. The charging case is nice and compact, and they’re easy to switch on and off. I had endless problems with the connection on the H5s, with them dropping out and disconnecting, but I’m pleased to say the E8s have been perfect.

    I do have issues with the sound, however, as pleasing as it can be. I’ve noticed a really wide soundstage on some tracks, which is great, and although they definitely favour treble, the bass is punchy and pleasing. My problem is with the highs, which can be far too harsh on some tracks, the type that makes your face screw up a little. Even moving the EQ in the Beoplay app right into the ‘Warm’ corner doesn’t seem to help. I end up dropping the volume, but as they don’t go particularly loud anyway, in a crowded environment it becomes very difficult to hear your music. Even in a quiet room at home, maximum volume isn’t all that high.

    It’s a shame, because they’re almost perfect apart from that, and they do sound fabulous. I really want to love them. If they were half the price I’d be able to overlook it, as no earbuds are perfect, but for £260 I expect a little more. I no longer have the H5s, but I do remember them sounding better (although it could be my memory failing!).

    Still on the lookout for the perfect wireless in-ears/neckbuds that don’t have a huge ‘neckband’, have a perfect connection, fit comfortably, and sound great.
  10. alchemical
    I returned my E8s for a refund. Sounded great at my desk, with no connection issues, but as soon as I took them out for a run the amount of left bud dropouts made them unbearable. I updated firmware, reset, all to no avail.
  11. Nonpoint
    Any users encounter the left bud running out of battery before the right?
  12. wilberforce55
    nope, but truth be told i have never used them for the full 4 hours to test it

    Still very impressed with these babies, just upgraded to the Large Comply isolations, so will see how they go. Had a bit of a problem wiht the occasional switching of vocals to the left bud when a disconnection occurred (weird, still stereo) but reset them and have not had that since
  13. Tympan
    Fixing the bass imbalance issue some have reported is very simple: Use the comply FOAM tips instead of the silicon tips. Works every time :)
  14. bedlamite
    Complys kill the highs, I've never liked them. I'm using Spinfits.
  15. Jazzi
    Which model Spinfits fit the E8. I tried some from Amazon but they didn't fit properly.
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