Beoplay E8

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  1. bedlamite
    New firmware out: 5.40

    voice call improvements and minor bugs fixed
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  2. jamesyeoh
    Interesting, let me get one and try too, you got the Normal Bore version with 3.8mm core diameter right? Does it affect the other sound signature as well besides bass?
  3. Omegamma
    How is it possible to update if the beoplay app doesnt offer it?
  4. jamesyeoh
    I got the software update indication once I launched the Beoplay app, maybe try restarting the app or your phone?
  5. jamesyeoh
    Is it just me or the sound signature signature changes after update to 5.4.0? It feels more sibilance and whenever E8 pairs it no longer plays the double taps sound to confirm the pairing.
  6. brokenhat
    So I'm returning my E8's today, very sad about it as I love the sound, looks, quality, and comfort but the left one just keeps stopping working and its hard to get it to start again. Usually a reset.
  7. Omegamma
    Thanks. Updated and curious whether the connection promlems are sorted. Just started to test it.
  8. Omegamma
    I also hear more highs and maybe less clarity and absolutely not happy about it.
    The only thing they should not have changed was the sound signature imho.
    Connection of the right side seems to be better tho after the update from 5.2.0.
  9. Jazzi
    Sorry to hear that. In fairness I've only been listening with 5.4.0 a couple of hours, but to me it sounds great. If anything SQ might be a tad better, with improved soundstage, and connection was never an issue with my set. I hope it gets better for you.
  10. Jazzi
    Hopefully you got to try the latest firmware version before returning.
  11. bedlamite
    Yep normal bore. As with tips that improve fit, sound quality just gets a boost in general, not to put too fine a point on it. Isolation's also improved. If anything bass might now be a touch too strong, but i might just be overanalysing things. Do a quick search online for the mandarines, you'll find that these generally have positive opinions and are well regarded. Between Spinfits and these mandarines, nobody should have any more fit issues, and both are a marked upgrade from the stock tips. These 2 tips are easily the best upgrade you could make for your E8.

    You can't. Gonna need to wait for that app to refresh. Try quitting the app, connecting to the buds, wait like a minute, then backing out to the connection screen again?
    No sound changes were announced in the update so I'd be surprised if B&O did screw with the sound. imho these are the cleanest sounding BT inears on the market, it'd be a shame if they messed with it's sound signature.
  12. brokenhat
    Yes I tried the latest firmware, that was the final straw.
  13. jamesyeoh
    I never had a connection issue as well, 5.2.0 was perfect to me. Not sure why after update I'm getting noticeable sibilance. Now I really wished that I never updated to 5.4.0, I'm wondering if Beoplay can have procedure to reverse the firmware update.
  14. jamesyeoh
    So it wasn't just me right? Besides sibilance I notice a little bit of overblown, never heard of this in 5.2.0 firmware. Not sure what they have done, I'm thinking of emailing Beoplay to complaint, and see whether is it possible to downgrade to 5.2.0.
  15. jamesyeoh
    Thanks! I bought both normal bore (small & medium) and wide bore (small), since the maker is kind enough to allow mix and match.

    Btw do you have the chance to try out 5.4.0? Do you notice any difference?
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