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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. plsvn

    then you can't go wrong with a Mojo :wink:
  2. nrbatista
    Meridian Explorer 2
  3. akg fanboy
    anything above the fulla 2 is really overkill. If you got $500 to kill, why not just upgrade your headphones
  4. rinoreinz
    20161223_143303-1-1.jpg 20161223_143725-1-1.jpg
    Hi, i have 2 Beoplay H6 V1, the serial numbers are sn24... sn25... The second one have the same driver of the H6 V2 but is a V1.The material and the shape are different. One is more flat and opaque, the other deeper and shiny. The sound is distinctly different. B&O has confirmed that they were made of improving changes over the years. The sn24 has the voices in close-up. The sn2507... has the same sound described about the V2.I do not think one is better than the other. My preference changes depending on the genre and the source.
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  5. musickid
    at the moment i use an earmax pro otl tube amp with a beyer dt 880 600 ohm. its great for classical, jazz, acoustic, vocals etc but when I play reggae, rnb, electronic dance music with more bass I hear little bits of distortion once in a while due to tube. I feel a ss amp would be better with these bass heavier genres. with regards to the h6 I did try them but for obvious reasons they did not match my tube amp. given their price and great comfort I feel I could build a nice little ss amp rig around them. the mojo would be great but I intend to use it at home and the mojo is too fiddly for that. DAP'S I'm not interested in. I read someone is using a meridian explorer2 with a ifi usb cleaners with great results. something like the asgard 2 is what I'm leaning to but again here I don't know if v1 or v2 b  is best. would v1 suit a full size amp more as the lack of bass would be adjusted by the ss amp? a ss amp to vs 2 might create too much bass and distortion? the main thing is I'm looking for is a set up with no distortion at all at higher volume levels with bass heavy genres. 
  6. kvn864
    can someone please link me to a good cable replacement for v2?
  7. dbdynsty25
    If you don't want to spend 100+ on a pure silver, this one from Amazon has been linked many times throughout this thread:
    I have it, and this pure silver one from an eBay seller that designed it to my exact specs (different length and different connectors)...it was 120 bucks however.  To be quite honest, it is slightly better, but not 100 dollars better.  Still a good investment, even if you change headphones in the future, as it's got a small enough headphone size connector, it'll fit virtually any headphone unless they go proprietary.
  8. kvn864
    there you go, thanks, I can never find anything ..
  9. musickid

    ​has anyone compared h6 to nighthawk?
  10. Bubblejuice
    How's the isolation on the H6 2nd Gen?
    I bought a pair of H3 for portable listening (Bus, Library, College, etc). But I found that though they didn't leak in TOO much sound, they leaked out more than I am comfortable with when in a quiet environment like the library (which I am in quite often). 
    What do you guys/gals think?
  11. shadymouse
    Sound isolation is very good. I was with my Girlfriend at the B&O store on 5th Avenue in NYC yesterday afternoon. I tried on a pair and she cranked up the volume on her Samsung S7 (Sounded amazing, WAY better than my V-Moda LP2). I said you need to hear these, they were pretty loud when I handed them to her, and it became nearly silent when she put them on. My eyes opened very wide to how quiet it was and these headphones did not clamp to my head. 

    I just ordered a pair last night because of the amazing sound and isolation.
  12. Dexter22
    After a year on constant use everyday, at least 3 hours in office:

    1. The cushioning on the top part of headband became relatively flat. Now it hurts occasionally.
    2. Ear pads flattened, sound is slightly different from a new pair.

    This is about v1, i have a second pair in storage which is not even used an hour.

    Moral: don't buy it used, I mean if it's really used. :wink: u may not be able to agree with the reviewers here on everything.
  13. kvn864
    Yes, and not only that. Is there any kind of replacement pads for H6? If I could only get something bit bigger, and mod it
  14. tayo15
    I'm trying to get in contact with beoplay in nyc to see how much a pair of h6 and h7 ear pads will cost. The h7 are bigger I'm trying to see if I can test out the sizes.
  15. Bubblejuice
    That's good to hear lol! I've been considering these for my portable set for a while now.
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