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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Bubblejuice
    Anyone know what stores carry these to try out in AZ?
    Apple no longer carries the H6... :/
    Only the H7 and H8 being that their are Wireless. But I don't like wireless.
  2. kvn864
    they are onear. can't be bigger
  3. tayo15
    I mean the h7 my bad lol
  4. Bubblejuice
    What I felt when I tried them out at Apple store:
    The H8 are very small, the H7 are much larger, but I still find them to be on-ear. I have medium size ears too.
    Funny enough though, I find the H8 isolate better than the H7.
  5. kvn864
    H7 should be the same size as H6 .. I need to find "some pads" and do the mode. they will probably look like crap, but I see no solution. they are made for small ears .. and no replacement even offered for these I believe
  6. Bubblejuice
    Maybe Grado earpads might work? I also find the grados to be a bit small, but maybe there is a larger option that's less expensive than the H6 pads?
  7. tayo15

    Yeah the ear pads are the only bummer for me on these beautiful cans.
  8. tayo15

    The only issue is that the ear pads come glued to the plastic ring, so either way you would have to find ear pads with the same ring attached or just cut the pads out and test other ear pads with the ring.
  9. Bubblejuice
    You could also buy a used set of bad earpads for a few bucks (If you can find it), and cut out the pad from that one to test out?
  10. Dexter22
    I tried squeezing it to the older shape and noticed that change in shape actually had a change in sound. Anyway I managed to make it to the original shape and they sound like the newer pair. So there is a solution for it, but nothing for the headband. I don't expect the Orginal ear pads to be cheap. Also, a replacement not from b and o would definitely lack styling / craftsmanship / performance(possibly).
  11. Bubblejuice
    Comfort almost always demands a sacrifice. lol
  12. dbdynsty25
    They are not the same pads.  The H7 pads are quite a bit deeper, which makes them way more comfortable compared to the H6 pads for my ears.
  13. kvn864
    Oh yea, thanks, do you know if the plastic inner circle is the same size/clipping mechanism? If so, I am looking for them to try out.
    And to be sure: we are talking about H6 v2 right? though I think v1 and v2 share pads sizes. Would be nice to get a hand on all 3, I'd figure things out in 5 minutes :)
  14. dbdynsty25
    The fit is exactly the same on V1 and V2 of the H6.  I literally had the H6 v2 and the H7 at the same time for about a half hour.  I never measured them, but to me the size of the plastic ring that locks into place on each was identical...which would mean you can use the H7 pads on the H6 if you found either version of it to be superior.  Personally, in wired mode, the H7 was close enough to v2 that I kept the H7 because of the comfort factor and the bluetooth, even if I don't use it that often.  The depth of the pads really makes a difference.
  15. Dexter22
    Now, where do we get h7 pads?
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