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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Bubblejuice
    Two questions:


    1) How can I tell the difference between a 1st Gen and 2nd Gen model without the box?


    I inspected a pair of H7 and couldn't find any model or serial number anywhere on the headphone (Although I didn't check under the ear pads).


    2) Where the heck can you get replacement ear pads?


    The only ones I've seen are black and pink, and retail for $100... That's more than the ear pads for my LCD-2s..

  2. Bubblejuice
    Oh ok, awesome! :) Thank you. If it doesn't sound as great. Investing in a Fio A3 is not out of the question. Something like that would come in handy anyways.
  3. akg fanboy
    Sure, it could work and you might need it later down the road if you ever get more power hungry headphones. But most portable headphones are designed to work best with portable devices, they wouldn't be marketed in the portable category otherwise
  4. k4syx

    Sorry, I didnt try H7 - as I am using Astell&Kern XB10 to make all my headphones wireless there was no real point in trying them as I wouldnt buy them anyway.

    As for driving H6 with an amp: they are extremely easy to drive even with pure phone output and this is one of the reasons that Marco claims them kings of the mobile.
    However if you'll use some external amp youll notice that they are getting even better. Thats one of the reasons for my XB10 - it has really nice dac/amp so it is always better to listen through it with aptx than wired straight from the phone.

    As for other amps I've tried them with Mojo (great pairing) and with DragonFly Red (good, but obviously not Mojo level good).

    Anyway: when comparing gear driven straight from the phone these are really the best sounding open/closed headphones that I've heard. And I've heard/had f.e. Momentums, K545, K550, MD1R, and those ATHs with 70 in name that I can never remember.

    And they get even better with amp or driven from a good phone output (like LG G3, the old HTC One S).
  5. Bloodflowerz
    Not at all. It's perfect with the DX50. Plenty bass, really strong, when called for, that's the key.
  6. Bubblejuice
    How about when just plugged in to the mobile source?
  7. Bloodflowerz
    If you are talking about a mobile phone then I guess the bass will sound not so strong and the overall sound quality would suffer. But that would apply to any headphone run through a mobile which lacks a quality amp.
    Just bite the bullet man and don't look back. [​IMG]
  8. Bubblejuice

    Haha I definitely will. One either pops up in my price range ill snag it.
    But I understand, either one will probably be more than great. 
    Thank you :)
  9. plsvn
    Look inside the earpads:
    green -> Gen 1
    black -> Gen 2
  10. Bubblejuice

    That's only with the black model haha. If it has the original pads.
  11. plsvn
    “A customer can have a car his headphones painted in any color he wants as long as it’s black”
    (Henry Ford)
  12. Bubblejuice

    Lol, I bit the bullet and got my car in grey and salmon pink :p
  13. Dickies
    take the left ear pad off on the inner ring of the left cup this sticker tells you.
    I assume thats where the h7's SN would be also
    EDIT: to be clear not the ring inside the pad, the ring of the cup
    plsvn likes this.
  14. Bubblejuice
    Oh ok! Awesome. Thank you very much! I just ordered a pair (Gen 1 SE) BNIB from eBay. I'll make sure to inspect this when I get them. I appreciate it! :)
    Dickies likes this.
  15. Bubblejuice
    So, how does the increased bass with the Gen 2 work?
    Did they just boost the bass through a bit of EQ in the headphone tech?
    Did they actually change something in the driver/design of the headphone to give it stronger bass?
    If so, wouldn't you be able to achieve the same sound on the Gen 1 with a "Bass Boost" switch on most portable amps?
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