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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Bubblejuice
    So I just received the Gen 2s, they are surprisingly different than the Gen 1. I'll do a bit more testing and write a review later.
    However, I guess the seller forgot to mention they were missing the carry bag. Anyone know where I can get a black H6 carry bag and how much they cost? 
  2. plsvn

    ... I got a carrying bag with my Gen 2 (this past summer)
    I believe your Gen 1 do have something wrong: can you have them replaced?
  3. oscarnr

    Hi. The carry bag does not protect the H6 much. You can find some hard case in amazon for little money.
  4. Bubblejuice

    I bought this one open box. The seller included a Plus Sound braided cable and a hard case with the Gen 2s, but he forgot to mention the hard case was to replace the carry bag he lost. However, I'm pretty sure a B&O cloth bag is much more expensive than most hard cases lol. I just find a hard case to be a little more cumbersome to carry around than the bag, even if the headphone are safer in it. 
    I can return them. I think i'd just have to pay shipping maybe. I'll give it a little more testing since they don't sound bad at all when not plugged in to the amp.
  5. nrbatista
    I bought this case from amazon and it's just perfect for them.
  6. Bubblejuice
    Yeah, Thank you!
    I have a case similar to that one that came with the headphones. It's a white case with a smaller case for cables and accessories inside, but I still find it a bit large to carry. I guess it's fine though, I was just wondering if B&O has replacements.
  7. York Tan
    The seller may not have ever got a cloth bag with it. I know Gen 2's no longer come with a bag. 
  8. Bubblejuice
    Maybe. It has the little box where I assume the bag goes in, but it's empty lol. The seller confirmed he lost it and forgot to put it on the ad. But it's not a big deal.
  9. Dexter22

    I second that, had been using the same for more than 6 months. I stuff my back pack with lot of stuff, and this one is a safe option.
  10. mikeb3408
    This may have been asked but I will ask again.
    If wired, does the H7 sound anywhere close to as good as the H6 Gen 2? If so what are the biggest differences?
  11. dbdynsty25
    Yes...quite similar, just a tough more bass.  I attribute that mostly to the deeper ear pads.  I am extremely happy w/ the H7 wired out of my desktop Micca Origen amp.
    That said, a few people have disagreed with me, so clearly everyone needs to make that deterimination for themselves.  But I was happy w/ the H7 compared to the v2 H6s in wired mode.
  12. Bubblejuice

    In terms of sound signature, I say they sound fairly similar. The H7 have more perceivable bass, but I just think that it feels that way because the bass is not as tight as the H6. The H8 manage an in-between, where they have powerful bass, but still manage to get some detail. However, neither the H7 or H8 bass sound as good as either H6 model surprisingly (to me of course).
    However, the H7 still sound pretty grainy to me. Personally, when it comes to sound quality, wireless is not an option. When I connected the cable to the H7s and my iPhone 6, it didn't improve the sound as much as I thought it would. They were still really quiet un-amped, and they still had a bit of graininess wireless headphones tend to have, and lacked that detail I expected would be gained once I had a wired connection. 
    Overall, they are some of the better wireless headphones i've heard by far, but wired, they don't have the clarity, smoothness, tight bass punch, and detail of the H6. I would say they have similar signatures, but the H6 sound better without a doubt. 
    The bass quantity on the H6 Gen. 2 is close to the H7, but much more tight and detailed. The bass on the H6 Gen. 1 is my favorite, but is completely lost when your environment is loud.
    H6 Gen 2 sound in loud environment  H6 Gen 1 sound in quiet environment
    It's like having two sets of amazing headphones lol.
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  13. mikeb3408
    Thank you for your helpful reply! I had a chance to demo the H7 at an apple store and have to say I came to the exact same conclusion that you have described here. The H7 just has a grainy sound compared to the H6 which absolutely does not. Some people have mentioned they find the H7 wired to be similar to the H6 V2 but in my opinion the H6 blew them away.
    By the way, is there a specific after market cable that you recommend for the H6 V2 that still has in inline remote mic? Or are the best ones to choose the Amazon one or the Vmoda?
  14. musickid
    do the h6 pair well with a mojo? i am looking for the ability to play at loud volume with bass heavy genres reggae etc with a very smooth zero distortion sound. in this case would the gen1 or gen2 be best with the mojo and if possible could someone explain the reasoning here? many thanks
  15. k4syx
    I have gen 2 and Mojo and it is a good pairing - if you're a basshead like me then Id recommend Gen2. Sub bass gets lower and there is more rumble when it is needed, but id doesnt flood other frequencies. Gen 2 goes lower and higher than Gen 1 so for bass I'd recommend Gen 2. That's why I've chosen Gen2 after hearing Gen 1 (which is also a really good stuff)
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