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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Bubblejuice

    Exactly how "close" was the sound when wired?
  2. dbdynsty25

    To me there was a touch more bass extension on the H7s but I attribute that to deeper ear pads so I really think they are almost identical. Others have said no way but they mostly are talking BT vs wired H6V2.
  3. Bubblejuice
    I see. I guess that's not so bad then. I'll have to pass by the Apple store and ask to hear the H7s wired. I really did not like the wireless sound at all.
  4. Bubblejuice

    Is the B&O the 1st or 2nd gen?
  5. Bloodflowerz
    1st. Would never dream of buying the 2nd gen due to emphasised bass and other changes people here talk about.
  6. Bubblejuice

    I mean, is the bass lacking on the 1st gen? Or does it just need a small amp to bring it forward?
    The comparisons made make it seem like the 1st gen has no bass and is really quiet un-amped. 
  7. akg fanboy
    The bass is far from lacking, it is in fact tilted slightly more than neutral. It is between the hm5 and hifiman edition s
  8. kvn864

    ​I am trying to see if I can purchase H7 pads, and can not see them anywhere
  9. Bubblejuice

    I've not tried either of those you mentioned. But i'll take your word for it. I'm looking for a portable set that places the Vocals well in front of the bass. But with Bass that still fills nicely, and is clearly present, just not overpowering the rest. This would also mean clearer details in highs and mids. So i'm not sure which to choose. Gen 1 or 2.
    Because, if Gen 1 has more than enough Bass to satisfy, then the extra bass in the Gen 2s would be too much? I'm not sure. I haven't tried either.
  10. Bubblejuice

    Do brainwavez not sell anything that would fit the H6s?
  11. k4syx

    You'll be fine with both of them but Gen 2 treble goes a tad bit farther and bass gets lower without flooding everything so Gen 2 would be a closer to your described preferences.. Bass in Gen 2 is just like a far away thunder, does not "cover" any sound nearby but you still can feel how powerfull it can be if there is a need for it.

    Ive heard both of them and chosen Gen 2 - Gen 1 sound is more relaxed for me while Gen 2 gets more clarity, detail and sub bass while still being pleasant to ear (nothing piercing, nothing standing out without harmony.

    If you've ever tried IE800 IEMs (my personal king of clarity, detail and bass) the Gen 2 will be a closer in overall signature than Gen 1. That being said, when I've heard Gen 1 for the first time I just took my wallet out and Id buy them instantly but luckily for me I wanted to check the price online and Ive noticed that there is a ninja called Gen 2 getting even better reviews.

    So I thought: if these are alreadt this good, I need to check Gen 2 before buying anything. And since all purchases from B&O made in December came with free returns anyway.... :)

    Another TLDR; post :)
  12. akg fanboy
    if you want vocals to be ahead of the bass, I think the 1st gen will do it for you
  13. Bubblejuice

    How would the Gen 2 or Gen 1 compare to the H7s wired?
    I went to the Apple store today and bought a 3.5mm cable. Hooked them up to my phone. They were about 30% louder, and 100% clearer. Still had that wireless fuzz, but the sound signature was pretty good. The vocals in front, everything else decently behind. Though the Bass, was very present and thumpy, it did cover the mids quite a bit. 
    I like thunderous, just not in my face. (In other words, I like to feel and hear the rumble, but it not bleed into the details).
    Such a shame there's no place with H6s in AZ.
  14. Bubblejuice

    Haha this is such a difficult choice. I'll probably end up trying the Gen 1 first since it's much easier and cheaper to find used. I'll go from there I guess :p Does it really need a portable amp though? Is it a must for good sound from these?
  15. akg fanboy
    no it does not require an amp, from a power perspective, even the hd800 can be driven by my phone.... so it's the furthest from the truth. It sounds plenty good and the difference between using your phone and a dedicated amp is minuscule at best. I'm sure you will enjoy them without an amp
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