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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. dbdynsty25
    It's very slight, so any comparison to a bass boost is exaggerated.  It's a subtle elevation to the sub and mid bass.  A lot of people can't even tell the difference, but it's there.
  2. Bubblejuice
    Oh man... the headphone bug got the best of me... Now I have a pair of 1st gen and 2nd gen coming in next week... [​IMG] lol I'll try out both, AB them on my phone, laptop, and then my pc with my O2 amp. Then i'll decide which to keep. Hopefully I can sell the other one without much trouble.
  3. Bubblejuice
    Do I just received my Gen 1s. My Gen 2 should get here tomorrow.
    I have them hooked up to my O2 amp and my PC, using Spotify Hifi audio. I'm absolutely impressed. These are better than I hoped for. And I have no idea what people are talking about when they say these lack bass. These have some incredible bass. It's punchy, it rumbles, smooth, but most importantly, it doesn't overshadow absolutely anything. It's perfect. 
    I'll try them soon with my Iphone 6. I wanted to hear them at their best first. 
    I would say they have more present bass than my LCD-2f on my O2 amp. The LCD-2 obviously are going to have a little more detail, quantity, and quality in the low end. But since these are closed back, the impact is more punchy. Which took me by surprise. I expected to hear almost no low end considering what some people say of these. And yes, the imaging on these, i'd say rivals many open-backs. Sound-stage better than almost all of the closed-backs i've heard, but it's nothing to write home about. They are closed backed. Detail is fantastic. Mids are not as forward as the highs, but that's ok with me, I prefer these that way. 
    I'll review more later. I could help myself in writing this. I was shocked by the awesome, smooth, elegant bass response I didn't expect to hear. And the outstanding clarity.
    EDIT: Let me clarify, the comparison in low end with the LCD-2f is only when hearing bass heavy tracks. Normal tracks with only mild bass, the LCD-2f will create incredible bass where there is little. The H6 here will not. They seem kind of lazy that way, but the bass is still more than adequate to hold together the song.
  4. akg fanboy
    I told you mate, a lot of people who say they lack bass are just bass heads. They are some really great headphones especially for their size
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  5. plsvn
    I bought Gen 2 because of those reviews saying Gen 1 was lacking bass and... Gen 2 definitely have too much of it for my taste
    I mean... it's not at all bothering or overwhelming (it only becomes with "loudness war" masterings): just big, deep and strong with plenty o detail, though... I'm definitely not in the faintest a basshead :p
    Looking forward to your comparison :wink:
  6. Bubblejuice
    Absolutely. I'm a bit of a bass head myself. But I appreciate bass that has good timing and control more than overbearing and unrestrained bass. And these are completely satisfying through my amp. I'll have to see what happens directly from my phone. And Yeah! Wow they are lightweight!
    EDIT: Ok, so I've been listening for a little while. The same songs on Spotify, directly from my iphone 6. I personally need about 85% volume for a comfortable (leaning on loud) volume level in a quiet room. 
    Since I may be able to still return the Gen 1s, I may not take them outside yet. So I decided to do the isolation test/bass reduction test by putting my PC speakers on simultaneously at different volume levels. They are right in front and underneath me.
    These isolate well, but obviously, with my speakers being right next to me, they don't isolate everything. These are definitely not "Noise cancelling" lol.
    TEST headphone fidelity in different volume level environments (fairly controlled). Headphone are the Gen 1 with only about 1 hour of listening on them: 
    This a completely unnecessary, fairly inaccurate, and very subjective test. But I will do it anyways because it may help someone. I have pretty good ears (at least I hope so, being a singer), so I am confident this will not be complete BS lol. Lastly, please excuse my lack of terminology, i'm still new to high-end audio equipment, and I'm still learning to properly describe what I hear.
    Enjoy, and I hope this helps.
    85% Iphone volume, no amp: (Speaker music for test: Parallel Worlds by Janek Gwizdala, FLAC)<< Very Dynamic Song, Speakers are Logitech Z313 (Not audiophile. I only use them when I have guests. They don't sound half bad and can get pretty loud considering the room I have my set up in is pretty small).
    Speaker at low volume: Speaker music is barley audible behind headphone music. Highs still do slip through a little. Bass in headphone doesn't get any weaker. But the highs from the speakers are a bit disorienting. Details are still super clear. Volume clearly enough to focus on my own music if i'm not too paranoid about outside sound.
    Speaker at medium volume: Speaker music's low end is now audible behind the headphone music. It's a bit distracting, I would say. I definitely can not concentrate on classical music with this volume on my speakers. Bass does actually weaken significantly. Kind of cowers at the sound of the speaker's low end. Highs are still 95% clear.
    Speaker at high-ish volume (not ear busting): Speaker music is now clearly audible behind music, high end is not as noticeable now from speakers. Bass on the headphones has reduced to about 30% of it's original quantity/audibility. Speaker music is now starting to invade the highs in the headphones. Makes them feel less detailed, however, I would compare the sound now to the DT 770s with about 1/4 the bass lol. The headphone music is still pretty clear, and the bass still exists and wants to be heard. However, outside sound is distracting. Though less distracting than when the speakers are at medium volume.
    100% Iphone volume, no amp: (Speaker music for test: Parallel Worlds by Janek Gwizdala, FLAC)<< Very Dynamic Song, Speakers are Logitech Z313 (Not audiophile. I only use them when I have guests. They don't sound half bad and can get pretty loud considering the room I have my set up in is pretty small).
    Speaker at low volume: Speaker music is almost inaudible behind headphone music. I only really hear the snare occasionally hit from the speakers, but very quietly. Headphone sound completely untouched. Not distracted by speaker sound what-so-ever.
    Speaker at medium volume: Speaker music is now a little audible. The snare drums and some of the low end kicks through. Bass decrease is there, but pretty unnoticeable unless you're looking for it. Mids and especially highs are untouched. Speaker music does not distract much, even with classical music. However, you can still feel the speaker music's presence, which may distract hyper sensitive people. I'm fairly sensitive and i'd be comfortable with this.
    Speaker at high-ish volume (not ear busting): Speaker music is now fairly audible. Low end is most audible from speakers now. Headphone low end decreased to 70% original quantity. Highs are mostly untouched. Mids do have a bit of a recessed feel now. Music from the speakers is slightly distracting if you are focusing on it, but if you focus on the music from the headphones, then speaker music is not distracting at all. Unless, again, you are hyper-sensitive. I would still be moderately comfortable in this environment, even with classical music.
    Overall: Both 85% and 100% volume are pretty comfortable volumes. 100% is on the louder side, but I don't feel discomfort from it. 100% volume directly from the headphone does eliminate most disturbance from the outside. 85% volume I would consider a good volume for quiet to low noise environments. It's a shame that it has to be that loud for it to work well though. But I can't imagine myself wanting to use these right next to a construction site anyways. I feel like they would be more than adequate for a plane or a house by a busy street/highway (I live by a very busy highway). I would consider 100% to be the best volume when in a highly populated loud area/when travelling outside of a vehicle. 
    Honestly, I expected the volume to be much worse considering some reviews. But it is more than enough. I feel like a tiny cheap amp could push the volume to a more controllable level, but it's completely unnecessary. Because anything more than 100% I would consider too loud, and it would probably start leaking quite a bit at that point. I'm still very impressed by how the sound holds up in a loud environment. Again, they are not noise-cancelling by any means, but they also don't disappoint when it comes to decent fidelity in an uncontrolled environment. If that's your most important factor in portable headphones, then they may disappoint. However, I feel like this is more than enough in the environment I created lol. Hope this helps.
    EDIT2: I find myself lowering the volume a little more the more I hear these in a quiet room. Now I am using 70% volume. I find this better.
  7. Bubblejuice
    Haha hopefully the comparisons help. I just posted one for the Gen 1.
    I'll receive the Gen 2 sometime tomorrow. I feel like the Gen 2 would be a better "Portable" and the Gen 1 would be better for primarily controlled environments and pretty good as "Portable". This is only when it comes to isolation and bass leaking though. 
    I kind of hope I like the Gen 2 better, because I can't return the Gen 2s lmao XD
  8. buzzlulu
    Well I have been participating in the H9 and P7W thread and have both at home testing. Felt it was time to start looking here as comments have been so positive.
    Any comments comparisons between the three H9-P7W-H6 2nd ?

    How are people using the H6 with the iPhone 7 - Apple supplied dongle? How are they with the 7? Airplane use?
  9. kvn864
    My wife has iPhone 7, it ships with a dongle to connect regular headphones
  10. Shooter41
    I bought a pair of H6's (Gen 2) for my wife and I used them while I was saving up for an amp to drive my LCD-2's.  I find them to be astonishingly good.  I only listened to them plugged into a mac mini running Amarra, but they left very little to be desired.  In fact, my memory of them is so good that I'm hesitant to try them again now powered by a proper amp.  They just may make me question why I've dropped so much money on the LCD-2's and, now, Elears. The performance for the money (and size/weight, for that matter) is kind of ridiculous.  
    I'm sure I will eventually try them with my amp (Mjolnir 2 w/iFi 6922's), but even while using just the mac mini I definitely had a few experiences of near-nirvana.  They were the best phones I'd ever heard up to that point.  I'd mostly had AKG's and Sony's before and these were clearly on another level.  My wife loves them too, btw.  She doesn't care how good the LCD-2's sound, they're just too big and heavy for her.  They are also the phones I most recommend to others as I don't know anyone else that thinks it's a rational thing to spend as much as I have.  
  11. Bubblejuice
    My H6 Gen 1 sound terrible on my O2. Everything sounds tinny and super bright. That's something I've read these headphones definitely are not. Vocals sound like they're coming from a tube since the sound-stage width is almost completely gone. Without the amp, directly from the source, they sound alright, just not as loud as i'd hoped.
  12. Dexter22
    either your cable is broken or some source which is bad with o2 must have been in picture. My experience with a sabre 9018 dac and xduoo x3 with o2 -> h6 was "improvement" but not by a huge margin
  13. Dickies
    I had a similar experience with my old h6v1s when I plugged them into my old ifi idsd micro, that unit had a knack for making headphones that could do low end not do low end.
    it really struggled with cymbal sounds and was unlistenable on far too many tracks on some headphones the h6v1's being one, which is something nothing other source i've tried with the h6's v1 or 2 has (granted I've only plugged them into 4 or 5 different things)
    the same thing happened with my old hd700's and the idsd also I'd plug it into another amp and swear it was a different hp, I talked to a guy on hear who had a similar experience with the hd700+ o2 don't remember what dac assume it was odac.
    so it may be the o2 and h6's just don't go, or maybe your o2 got an issue
  14. Bubblejuice

    I don't think it's the cable, i've tried it with several cables and it sounds the same unfortunately. And the source sounds just fine with every other headphone I have. It's on low gain too. 
    I found it to be a huge downgrade in sound, and a slight upgrade in volume (obviously lol). When I try my H6 on my PC now, I just plug it directly to it. The volume is no louder than my iPhones, but at least it doesn't pierce my ears. It's weird. 
    My H6 Gen2 should be arriving today. I'll see if that one has the same issue.
  15. Bubblejuice

    My O2 sound great with all of my headphones (quite a few), so I don't think it's that. I feel like the H6 Gen 1 and O2 probably just don't go together. The low end doesn't change, just the highs become unbearable, and the sound stage width is smushed to a 3" wide space. 
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