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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. WhiteFang000
    I'd like to inquire as to the comfort of these cans. I'm in the market for some closed-back cans to replace my Bose QC25s (yes, I know.), but I'm not sure what to do after being forced to send the Momentum 2.0s and P5 Wireless' because of how they reddened my ears after half an hour and became unbearable to listen to. I haven't read a review yet that doesn't praise the comfort of these cans, but if anyone with larger-than-normal ears could get back to me about how they fit, I'd be much obliged. My ears also might protrude a little more than normal, as on-ears just don't fit me well. Thanks in advance! 
  2. dbdynsty25

    I actually am on the fence about the H6...after having compared them to the BT version H7 I find the H7 more comfortable because of the depth of the pads. The pads on the H6 are thinner and thus a little harder to get in the right spot.

    I never tried but I suppose the pads for the H7 might work for the H6, but I don't have them both to test that theory. They both just screw on, I know that much.
  3. kyku
    My Beoplay H6v2 w/ Toxic 'Virus' Cable.

  4. WhiteFang000
    How do these cans compare to Sony's MDR1A? Comfort and SQ are the main things I'm trying to ascertain here, because looks and durability are won hands-down by these. 
  5. tayo15
    Anyone know any pads or how to get replacemen ear pads for the h6 second gen?
  6. WhiteFang000
    Also, if anyone can recommend a good portable cable for these, I'd much appreciate it! 
  7. dbdynsty25

    I picked this one up on eBay. Had the guy make it to my specific length w the same connectors as the PM3 has. Works perfectly.

  8. WhiteFang000
    Just measured out my ears to be 62.5x40x19mm. Should I expect any discomfort with these cans? I think the earpads are around 50mm in diameter, but I've read many reviews touting their ability to conform to the ear and stay comfortable, and I'm not too sure what to think. 
  9. akg fanboy
    I measured the earcups with a ruler and they are indeed 50mm inside, my ears are larger than 50mm but they still kind of fit in a cramped way. The top of my ear goes inside the earcup where there is slightly more room, but my earlobes still barely touch the outside of the earpads. They are more comfortable than most on ears for sure but they do get somewhat irritating when listening over 2 hours straight, and I have to take them off before the third hour
  10. tayo15
    So any updates?
  11. k4syx
    I got my Gen 2 about two weeks ago.

    My main set of headphones is IE800 and I was looking for something with similiar "signature": airy, clear, detailed, loooooow subbas, no mid bass flooding all over.
    I needed something bigger then my IEMs for medical reasons - once in a while one of my ears gets sore and I cant really use plugs for a while - and I want to listen to my music.

    So the first set that I got was AKG K7XX (I loved the clarity and airness of K545 that I had earlier). I had to do the bass mod and replace sound foam filters with other material (fizelina in polish, I have no idea whatsover whats the name in english) but there was a problem though I was happy with SQ (though there is not as much detail and clarity as in IE800 but this is normal considering price range) I could not wear them on the move. And since I hate wearing hats (caps?) in winter I thought I needed something closed to get my ears warm and comfy.

    I've heard the Gen 1 in one of the shops when I had to wait for 3 hours for train and was ready to buy them but just by pure accident I saw on the web that there is Gen 2 and is supposed to have better lower and higher ends. So I decided to order them from Beoplay directly (same price, free shipping and 3Y warranty - and free returns for stuff bought in december).

    They got here about two weeks ago, Ive tried them straight out of the box - they were a little harsh and sibilant, bass seemed a little uncontrolled but that was before burn-in.
    I gave them good 48 hours on DragonFly Red with some checks when I were home and there it is - high end is clear, harshness and sibilance gone, bass lines just flow. They got smoother and nicely balanced.

    Currently I am using them (if I need them) with Mojo (good pairing), Astell&Kern XB10 (somebody asked about bluetooth receiver - couldn't recommend it more, pairs nicely).
    I am not using them with DragonFly since it is supposed to be connected in my office (but the pairing was fine though better with Mojo).

    What really, really surprised me was that it pairs REALLY good with my S7 Edge and even better with LG G3 (though the latter has one of the best 3.5mm audio outputs a phone can have). So yes they are easy to drive, they shine with external DAC/amp but they are also really good straight out of the phone jack.

    What else is there to say... I miss the bag (there was none for Gen 2 bought and delivered straight from Bang&Olufsen) - I've ordered one on ebay though.

    I also did order two replacement cables - the one recommended here and on Amazon (you can get it a little bit cheaper on ebay and there is better postage coverage) and another one on from Aliexpress - transparent one.

    Both of them are supposed to be OFC made and improve SQ - will see (hear? :)) about that.

    The most important thing for me is that they are the only ones that I can use after using IE800 without immediate "ough" and "yuck" reaction. They are not as detailed as IE800 but to my ears they are far superior to AKG K545/550, Momentums 2 (On Ear and Over Ear) ATH-M70, MD1R and basically anything else that I've tried (maybe except HD800 though I didnt really like them - not my cup of tea).

    Long one, isn't it? :)
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  12. musickid

    ​can anyone suggest a good/amp/dac for the 2nd gen b an o h6? ive shortlisted dragonfly red, asgard 2, dacport hd, mojo. any other ideas. ifi products appeal?
  13. dbdynsty25
    I had great success w/ the JDS Labs C5D and the Sony PHA-1A...the Oppo HA-2 wasn't quite as good w/ them.
  14. akg fanboy
    pretty much schiit fulla 2 every time
  15. musickid

    ​my budget would be 500. is the asgard 2 overkill? i want something really nice dac included
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