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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Dexter22
    I had this feeling a year back when I got mine, now I don't feel the same. I don't know if they go bad over a period.
  2. akg fanboy
    maybe your earpads have worn out or you've just found better headphones or prefer a different sound signature. I still love my q701s which I got over a year ago 
  3. h8dk97

    you're gonna have to change your username to: b&o fanboy.
    Yes, these headphones are amazing, they are my second favourite after T5p (gen 1).
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  4. Dexter22
    I figured that the headband was accidentally adjusted when i tried to pack them quickly someday. I didn't notice it much. I sat back yesterday and adjusted it back for my headsize. A few mm even is making a difference in soundstage in my case. Also the earpads are flattened a bit now. But not worn out. And by the way, finding something better at the price range is still not a reality in my case :wink:
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  5. nrkid9
    I'm curious to those with the V-Moda boom pro.  I have the boom pro but since the input jack is both at an angle and recessed, it is difficult to get the boom pro to connect properly.  When it does the angle the headphone is at makes it impossible for the mic to reach all the way around.  Was there a workaround for this I am unaware of or is this something everyone's just been living with?
  6. dbdynsty25

    I see what you're saying that the mic doesn't go all the way around but it's such good quality it doesn't matter. Sounds good on the other end.
  7. OkayKun
    Same for me. You can only insert the V-Moda in an angle and then have to curve the boom mic to reach to your mouth. I got it pretty close to my mouth and it sounds great so no bother.
  8. Casine
    Hi, I just got these. Playing through iphone 5s (itunes store U2 album as its a new phone with no ther music) and on my 2011 Macbook Pro listening to Apple Losslesss. To my big dissapointment they are sounding worse right now than my 20$ Phillips She3590 earbuds. I know they're obviously in a different leauge than the phillips, but right now in comparison they sound very distant, vague, no presence, resolution seems about the same, maybe a bit better with the B&Os. The reason Im posting is to ask if its possible that they're broken?. I got them used off ebay with no return as I was so sure theyd be a big step up. I know the stock cable will be improved by the Vmoda one, and a dac/amp like the new Dragonfly will help alot, so maybe i need to buy those to make these come to life. Maybe my gear just isn't driving these enough? I feel pretty sure that most people would prefer my Phillips to my B&O's with this setup. Is that possible? Are these broken? Maybe a pointless post, and if so I apoligize, im just trying to figure out whats going on. Thanks 
  9. Casine
    And yes, the cable is plugged all the way into the phones.
  10. York Tan

    If they are gen1 then you definitely need a 3rd party cable because the stock one sucks. If gen 2 I don't know what to say. They should sound great
  11. tayo15
    First thing out, that my friend is called imaging and soundstage. Normally headphones sound either too in your face and sometimes everything sounds separated. Depending on your preference,you might prefer vocals up close or far away. Second thing there are gen 1 and gen 2 h6s out there. Either way changing the cable can get you different results. For the gen 2 I got for example, the cans are super gassy. I switched out to a spare beats cable and the bass is toned down. I think it might just be that the cable sucks. Another thing make sure when shopping for used gear, check return policies and check for pictures. Sometimes they are legit refurbs, or sometimes they aren't cared for and you get a defective pair. So far I am loving my gen 2 natural cans. Right of the bay music is nice,laid back,kinda warm with an emphasis on bass and highs are tamed. Treble is where is gets weird, sometimes it sounds distant and sometimes it sounds very present. I think this phone is unforgiving of recording quality and mastering.
  12. Casine
    Thanks Guys! Yeah, they are Gen 1.. I guess if their not distorting, their not really broken? Is that how it works? This will be an interesting experiment in what difference a new cable, dac/amp, and even music player/format make. Ill be needing those anyway, so ill pick them up and see what happens. Im just shocked that they sound more dull and barely more detailed than my 20$ earbuds. I almost wish i had someone around Arcata with a pair to hear compared to mine. Maybe its just their transparacy. This is really the begining of my journey into Head Phone listening. I had a pair of Sony MDR V6 that i recorded with but didnt like the way they sounded with music,(with this setup). Im so ready to have a rig that can transport me to musical paradise...Ill get there. Thanks Again!
  13. Casine
    So, i think i read this whole thread, but haven't seen mentioned this cable marketed as "Upgrade cable for B&O H6 & H8" OFC Copper
    It gets great reviews. Has anyone compared it to the Vmoda cable? I think Ill buy both and return the one i like least.
  14. Casine
    Just ordered the Vmoda cable as well as one on amazon marketed as H6 and H8 Upgrade Cable with OFC Copper. Great Reviews, a dollar more than the Vmoda. Ill return one, and let you know how things go. Onward
  15. Casine
    Incidentaly, Ive fallen in love with my Phillips SHE 3590 all over again, more than ever. After doing some research i see these are miraculus earbuds for the 15-20$. One guy says he thinks their as good as his Vmoda Crossfade LPs and ATHm50s. In my current setup they have very similar resolution and more brilliant sound than my H6s. IM sure the new cable and upgraded source components will turn that around, but anyone wanting some dirt cheap, comfy, super isolating,rugged earbuds, these sound SO good.
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