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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. SHAMuuu
    Why are the pads set like that? (on the h7)
    *** nvm :p it was the asymmetrical design on the cup fooled my eyes
  2. paradoxology
    Recently, I've been giving thought to a pair of closed headphones and I was wondering how the B&O H6 stacks up against the B&W P7. Any thoughts?
  3. mattw30
    I nearly bought the p7 but comparing it to the H6 made the decision easy. If you want fast, detailed and neutral sound then go H6. The P 7 was ok but the bass was to much and masked detail and just sounded muddy in comparison. I did also try the Momentums which to my ears sounded awful.
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  4. Blank42
    I tried to fit the H7 pads on the H6 in a store today and it didn't work. I might still buy the H6 if a good deal pops up on black Friday.
  5. paradoxology
    Thanks for the reply! 
  6. York Tan
    Just wanted to agree with everything you said. I think the Momentums sound like crap. I haven't listened to the P7's but I've owned the P5 S2's and sold them in favor of the H6's because of the boomy/muddy bass.
  7. mattw30
    I think for the money these really are the best HP i have heard. I ended up selling my HD 700 as they never got listened to after I bought the H6. They do like a bit of volume to sound at their best. Partnered with the Mojo and ipod I have had more hair rising on the back of the neck moments than listening to any hifi I have owned in the last 30 years. It is a magical combo and relatively cheap by todays standards.
  8. tgh5000
    This might be a strange question. Can anyone compare H6 with Sennheiser HD650? I know one is closed, another is open. I am planning to buy one of these on Black Friday. I checked Z Reviews sound demos. The H6 sounds incredible, even when compared against the HD 650 demo. Since these are still demos, and I haven't heard them in real life, can anyone please compare them? Thanks.
  9. RoundRound

    I heard the HD650 briefly (and decided on buying the HD700 afterwards) and I own the H6 V2.
    There's a massive difference between open and closed back headphones - open headphones sound great but are useless in any sottingotehr than a very quiet listing room, they often need an amp to sound their best.
    The H6 sound wonderful and as open and specious as I ever heard from closed back HP. They also don't need an amor and sound fantastic driven form an iPhone. 
    Just my 2p,
  10. tayo15
    I have my eye on a pair of Bronzed Hazel SE h6s. I have a question are the SE 1st gen or 2nd gen? Are 2nd gen worth getting over 1st gen?
  11. Poki
    I have both: Apples and Oranges as already stated. If you are not planning to add an Amp and just want to use the headphone primarily with a smart phone, get the H6. I have a large collection and I toss between H6 and PM3 (depending on my mood) when I work. If I could only buy one: I would get the H6 2nd.
  12. Dexter22
    I don't know if I am getting bored of these, I had been using the H6 Gen 1 from last february and now I feel its lacking soundstage, that smooth highs,  which I loved about them. Recently I listened to a cheap AKG k52(supercheap) from my friends home, and I feel, there is very little mine is doing better than that pair! May be my mind is playing games. Or may be the earpads have gone flat due to constant listening , and changed the signature. Or will it be just the headband got adjusted by mistake, so that its not on the sweet shape for giving me proper soundI had noticed that the tighter its on the head, the soundstage is narrow, but instruments get more body. But, looser fit on my head is best for wider soundstage.?! I am just thinking out loud, no offence. :wink:
  13. York Tan
    They are first gen. Only Black, Natural and white I believe is are the 3 colors that come in 2nd gen. You can look on the bottom of the box above the bar code to check. If it's 2nd Gen it will state it. 2nd gen have better low end bass. They are better than 1st gen in my opinion.
  14. toddAO
    I listened to the 1st gen and 2nd gen in store - the 1G were the display model and the 2G were straight out of the box. I didn't detect any difference in bass.
    I ended up going for the P7s - I think the bass bump is tasteful and doesn't overwhelm the other frequencies - at least on the tracks I favour. I don't listen to Hip Hop but I do listen to a fair amount of electronic - the most recent track I tested was Years & Years "Take Shelter".
  15. akg fanboy
    I just got these and they sound amazing. The best closed back headphones I have heard to date, they gave me a feeling that I have not gotten out of a headphone since the k601. The music was just so engaging and the mids were so lush, no boomy/lacking bass or fatiguing/lacking treble details. I would go as far as to call these a k601 tier headphone for closed backs which is a huge praise coming from me since I value the k601 as high as the hd800. Just give it an EQ to fix the dip in the upper mids/lower treble and they are honestly the last closed back headphone I would ever need, my quest for closed back headphones is over and I have finally found a headphone to dethrone my legendary brainwavz hm5.
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