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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. apaar123
    How does it compare to fidelio x2 ?
  2. Pawel Fotek
    I have the X1, but X2 is very similar.
    Well apart from the obvious Open vs Closed differences, the X is much more present in the vocals, I'd  describe them as a "perfectly" tuned headphone that would please 90% of  the peeps out there, it's a bit on the warmer side but does not lack in detail retrieval. The sound is airy and from a proper hole  can produce amazing amounts of head rattling bass, but so can H6v2 which I have. Fidelio is more comfortable as well as it doesn't get got  and it's earpads won't get you sweaty ears on warmer days. ( but they collect dust like crazy ) Overall for home use I preffer the X1, like everytime, maybe  excpet from when I want to cut off the outside world a bit with H6, which seal a lot better being closed cans.
    If you intend to use your headphones only at Home get the X2, get them too if you value good vocal representation. These are a bit "thin" and  distant feeling on the H6. X are also great for watching movies with their  awesome soundstage.
    P.S X2 is also noticeably lighter than X1, if I'm correct the X1 is 430 gram vs X2 380 gram ( which is still hefty ) but these things are solid and well built.
  3. apaar123
    thanks and maybe akg k712 pro are better than x2 so i might get those
  4. Freetrademan
    I was greatly disappointed with the X2, especially with all the rave reviews across the internet audio community. 
    My initial impression: The X2 is super comfortable. The overall sound is generally warm and inoffensive. But with a little more listening, the weaknesses become more apparent. The highs really are lacking. But what's surprising is that the bass isn't all that great. Especially compared to what's becoming my go-to reference headphone, the B&O H6. I have a playlist of test tracks for various headphone performance aspects. For example, on the track "Home" by Michael Buble, there's a low bass note that comes in around 0:47. With the H6, it's powerful and authoritative. With the X2, it's hardly noticeable. (To be fair, most of my other headphones have trouble with bass that low, too (IEMs fare better)). A good test of the highs that I've found is the intro to John Scofield's "Endless Summer". At around 0:15, the ride cymbal sounds very "live" and "present" through phones like the H6 or HD600, but more dulled on the X2. 
    After a few weeks, I returned the X2. 
  5. apaar123
    yes x2 are now out if my list. Now my list has meze99,ath msr7,nighthawks,b&o,t50rp mk3 and akg k712 pro
  6. Freetrademan
    The Audio-Technica MSR7 was another big disappointment. Again, I had high expectations for it, based on lots of great reviews online. But when I opened the box and put them on, I knew within seconds that they were not for me. I was almost angry at being duped by all those reviews. The MSR7 has neither the strong lows nor the shimmery highs that I like. The highs come across as piercing, rather than shimmery. I found almost nothing to like. Returned promptly.
    Of the models you mention, I think the B&O H6 is easily the best. I heard the T50rp mk3 once and kinda liked it, but not nearly as much as the H6. In this $200-300 price range, I'd also go for the new Sennheiser/Massdrop HD6xx or the HD600.
  7. HiFiGuy528
    I just got the H6 (2nd gen) from Amazon. The sound is much much improved over the 1st. gen H6. I like it!

  8. apaar123
    Have you tried meze99?
  9. Pawel Fotek
    If your intention is home use, I'd also suggets sennheiser HD 600. Someone in this thread compared h6 v2 to the 99 classic, search a few pages back. Or the oher v2 only thread, can't recall.
  10. Blank42
    I had the H6 v2 and loved them, but I couldn't get over the fact that the pads touched my ears. They didn't feel perfectly comfortable, so I returned them.
    I also had the strange problem that the earpads were slightly too low even when I had the the arms fully withdrawn, which probably contributed to the pads touching.
    Maybe I could buy some fabric cover to slip over the headband of the H6 to make it a bit thicker so it sits higher on my head.
    I might actually re-buy the H6's and try to overcome my comfort issues, it's the only headphones I've listened to that has felt detailed and laid back at the same time. And not too much bass, I recently tried the Fidelio X2 and found the bass to be too much, same with the P7's. I think I might be a bit bass shy.
    Anyway, now to my question.
    Does anyone know the difference in size of the pads on H7 vs H6?
    I've read that the H7 is not really a wireless H6, but if they are more comfortable and close enough, it might still be worth a shot.
  11. dbdynsty25
    Pads are a bit thicker, but to me, they are the same exact size.  They fit on my ears exactly the same.  
    To me, the H7 and H6 v2 are damn close.  I'd really say the H7 sits between the original H6 and H6 v2, at least in terms of bass response and quantity since that was the major difference between the two H6s.  But it's all moot if the size is the reason you returned the H6, as it's almost identical.
  12. Blank42
    Thank you for the answer. Do they sound good while wired as well, or does the sound of the H7 differ a lot between wired and bluetooth?
    Hopefully a store in town will put them on display soon so I can try them out. They had the headphones in the store but apparently they had to wait for B&O representatives to come there to prepare the display...
  13. dbdynsty25
    They are pretty close when in wired mode.  The advantage to bluetooth is the B&O app on your phone/tablet.  You can adjust the sound a bit to your preferences...it doesn't work in wired mode.  So you get what you get wired...which as I said, is basically right in between the H6 and H6 v2.  I'd rather listen in bluetooth so I can tailor them to the genre I'm listening to.
  14. Blank42
    Ok, thanks again. Might actually have to buy a pair and try now. Maybe I can live with the comfort.
  15. Blank42
    I had a chance to try H6 vs H7 today. I'm just your average consumer and to me they sounded quite similar. I can't really pinpoint exactly what the difference was, but I think I like sound of the H6 a bit more.
    However, the H7's were actually quite a bit more comfortable. I realized my comfort issues with the H6 is that the sides of my ears touch the fabric as the cups are so shallow. The thicker pads on the H7 helped a lot with this.
    I would say they were similar enough for me that the increased comfort of the H7 makes me prefer it more.
    I also noticed that the H6 didn't sound as good as I remember. They did sound good, but I wasn't as a amazed as I was when I tried them a few weeks ago. I think I have a tendency to rate headphones better than they actually sounded when I experienced them.
    It might also be that I've changed my perception of good and bad over the course of trying A LOT of headphones recently. When I started out it was all about "stunning sound", "amazing sound" etc. Now there is only "Good sound" and "This is terrible"
    Anyway, does anyone know if the pads of the H7 will fit on the H6? And how it would affect the sound? These headphones don't seem as popular as many other brands so I doubt people have messed around with things like this. I might have to go back to the store and try it myself.
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