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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Pawel Fotek
    Hello fellow headfiers!

    After much ( probably too much ) reading I took the plunge and ordered the H6 2nd gen from amazon.uk ( I'm from europe ) . Unfortunately there's no store that carries B&O or any other respectable hi fi companies headphone sother than sennheiser in my town. So I'm trying my luck with these, I currently own a pair of Philips Fidelio X1, being great they unfortunately are too heavy for what I use them for most often, which is bending over my sketchbooks or canvases while drawing and painting. On top of that they recently got their audio in socket damaged,p. I thought It was a good moment to try something else, I was also considering the Bowers&Wilkins P7 but ultimately the weight of the H6 won the competition here. I also want to use them outside quite a lot as I found myself doodling at cafes more and more often, anyhoot long story short.

    I'm going to use them with iPad air 2, 15 macbook pro and my old iPhone 4s for now, but being utterly bored with iOS I want to switch to an android phone. Came to a conclusion that it will be better to get a phone I like and buy an external portable dac/amp rather than hunt for a dedicated audio smartphone.

    So first of all I'd like to ask which dac/amp would you recommend for under 100$ price point?

    I must say that I do like a slightly warmer sound signatures and now reading that H6 are very prominent with their treble response I might "dull"them down a bit with a dac. Was considering audioquest dragonfly black at first but there are others like hifime9018 zuperdac and others. I'd also use the dac with my gaming pc as it has just the ****ty onboard realtek for now :p

    Second question, seeing the b&o h6 cable made me laugh, how come such a respectable company could come up with a 50 cent solution....un freaking believable. Now the remote function is crucial for me as I will use them while riding on my bike and such, so do you guys know of any worthwile and not expensive cable with remote that I could get in eu? Prefferably from amazon europe?

    Thank you very much for even reading this essay of mine, have a great day and rock on!
  2. dbdynsty25
    Great choice w/ the H6 II...fantastic headphone.  
    I use the Dragonfly Black w/ my Google Pixel and my iPad Pro 9.7...it's a great companion amp IMO.  W/ the iPad you can use all streaming services as well as local storage, but w/ the Pixel, you're limited to local storage w/ the USB Audio Player Pro app.  Just something to think about.  It does NOT work w/ Samsung devices.  It basically bypasses the DAC completely (I've tested on my Galaxy S7 and my Galaxy Tab S2).  There are some Android options out there that use external DAC devices properly, like the LG G5/V20.
  3. SixDerv1sh
    Anyone convert the H6 (Gen 1 or 2) to balanced?

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  4. GuerillaRadio
    Just been to my local B&O store (Manchester, UK) to try the H6 V2. The pair on display were black with green trimmed earcups on the inside, I thought the green earcups were only available on the V1? The sales rep told me that the only difference between the V1 and V2 was the material used on the earcups and that there are no technical differences whatsoever. I told him that I had read about people claiming that they had more pronounced bass which he said was rubbish. Can someone clear this up for me? Can you get the V2 with the green trimmed earcups (not that I want them, just to confirm I was listening to the V2). Also, are there really no technical differences? Thanks.
  5. RoundRound
    No mate, he's telling you stories. 
    The green ear cups are only for V1 - and their are substantial differences (especially the bass) between V1 & V2 - I heard both and own the V2 - probably the best closed hp I ever had. (just get the, on Amazon UK :wink:
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  6. Pawel Fotek
    I rarely even listen to what salesmen have to say, they usually learn a thing or two about the product and try to sell BS  out of the moon info to people who did not prepare for  the purchase,  that did not do  research before they came to the store.
    There are many people that own both stating that  there is CLEAR and AUDIBLE difference between these two.
    My pair  will arrive tomorrow, ordered from Amazon.co.uk   the inside of earcups is black. V2
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  7. divefroggy

    I can guess the sound quality will be about the same but I love my H6 (2nd Gen). Wouldn't wanna give it up, if you know what I mean.
    The reason why I'm opting for a third party bluetooth add on is that I can upgrade whenever I can (the coming Bluetooth 5 and not that is any better, LOL), and I can have a portable wireless option when I don't want any wires. The H7 is nice but its slightly bulkier on the sides due to the controls and battery.
    Anyways, still trying to find the "perfect" bluetooth add on. LOL.
  8. dbdynsty25
    I've had both...and V2 is better if you like a more bassy signature.  The V1s were bass light in my opinion.  And as has been mentioned already, the green lined cups are V1 only.
  9. Pawel Fotek
    Recieved my H6  V2 today.
    When I first put them on, plugged into my Macbook Pro 15 and I instantly had a smile on my face, It felt like firs listening to Fidelio X1 all over again, pure joy!
    I'm not going to judge their sound just yet as I've caught a nasty cold and my ears are sore, but the sound GOOD! Like GOOD GOOD! ^^
    From my first observation, perfect Bass, better control over it than Fidelio X1, the imaging is spot on, if you have some modern songs with 3d sound effects in them, you'll feel like you are There, flying alongside the sounds, it's a magical experience with the right track. `soundstage is superb for a closed can design, It's comparable to what a semi-open headphones sound like.
    In my opinion they are not as fabolous looking as Bowers&Wilkins P7, but are a pair of a stylish cans.
    Few things I don't like though, as nothing in this world is perfect.
    -The L and R letters inside the ear cups, look immature, dj headphone design that does not sit with the excellent mature and elegant design of the exterior.
    -THe headband could use some soft padding, it't not bad by any means, but it could be better.
    -The Cable, "nuff said"
    I also discovered that my right ear is a bit bigger than the left one and I must admit that it's a bit annoying, people with large ears won't find these headphones comfortable unfortunately. :/
    Anyhow, this is definitely a keeper, not going to return those.
    If B&O do ever release a v3 with all those quirks ironed out they'll have my money yet again.
    Oh and the inside of the cups is black, V2 on the box as well. Like stated previously the lemon green colour is V1 specific.
  10. plsvn
    finally headphones I can wear without wearing my glasses first :p
  11. terencetcf
    I wonder ppl who actually compared v1 & V2 are using a good dedeicated good DAC amp? Or is it driving directly from mobile causing the sounds differences?
  12. Pawel Fotek
    Well the outside of the cups has rather large B&O written on them, so if it would be backwards you'd know right away, so there's no need for those big ugly L and R in my honest opinion ^^'
    Ok guys, iPhone  4s was known for it's rather powerful 3,5mm hole, I have to report that Beoplay H6 V2 definitely improves when amped.
    I was testing it's bass capabilities  ( still on stock cable for now ) and discovered that straight out of the phone it can't come close to what it is able to achieve on my macbook pro. I use an awesome System wide EQ called Boom v2 for Mac which has a very good and complex equalizer allowing to fiddle with the entire frequency range. As well as an old Yamaha AVR. When properly fed it comes close to what Fidelio X1 can achieve, but straight out of the phone it's like 1/4 of it's potential.  But to be fair Fidelios sound very close, but these are considered for Home use only not a portable device like the B&Os.
    P.S I used the included ****ty B&O cable for both  for it to be a fair test.
    Now, a lot of you stated that changing the cable improves the overall sound, I wonder if this will help in our phone scenario case enough or is it still necessary to get something like a dragonfly with them. Or an Axon 7/LGv10 V20 /Meizu Pro5, Vivo X..  etc.
    I still like Fidelio X1 more for home use, as it's more comfortable with it's larger even more around the ear cups, well maybe minus the weight as it's a hefty gear ^^ and the open construction benefits are still here, better soundstage and almost no heat or sweat buildup, but B&O H6 V2 is the overall king of potability, the only thing it loses to some other cans I know are the SONY MDR1 comfort wise, the most comfortable headphones I've ever ha don my head. Aaaand if I have to be so super picky, B&W P7 looks better ^^'
    Overall Early rating 8,5/10
    I was going to sell X1  and get one ultimate all in one solution with H6, but now I appreciate even more what an awesome job Philips have done with their X series of headphones and I'm going to keep them both. B&O H6 for when I'm drawing/painting and outdoor use, Fidelios for chilling on the sofa, watching movies, occasional gaming sessions.
  13. terencetcf
    My favourite combination at the moment while travelling and working in office! :)
  14. Pawel Fotek
    Bad Mojo Mon! :D
    You lucky you!
    Anyhow I'm happy to report that H6 are very responsive to the EQ, I find this to be my sweet spot for most Rock, and thumping songs.
    For Jazz and acoustic I leave them as the company intended.
  15. Pawel Fotek
    Ok i've done some further A/B between  H6 and X1 and H6 sounds somewhat hollow in comparison, it's very noticeable in vocals. If you listen to them for long enough you stop to notice it so much, but when I switch back to X1 the sound becomes somewhat full again :/
    I love good "juicy" organic midrange which these lack a bit, they are more suited for electronic music than to anything else.
    I wish I had the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 and  Bowers&Wilkins P7 for direct comparison as they are closed as well.
    I wish I did not compare them to X1, now I can't stop thinking about it and am now considering returning those in search for something else >.>
    Will sleep with these thoughts first though.
    P.S Will the cable replacement remove The "distance" of the vocal frequencies? If so I might try that first.
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