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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Jared Chew

    Pawel, to compare X1 (open) and H6 closed, like you said its just not a fair comparison. Both serves different purposes and price point.
    But for portability and super super easy to drive headphones and comfy, its one of the best for travel and commute. The cable replacement does improve the slightly, marginal but not night and day.
    H6 sound stage for closed earphones are ousted the p7 and 2.0 in my opinion.
    After months trying and auditioning dac/amps, I finally went with DragonFly Black(DFB) 1.5. It does improve the space and sound stage by a noticeable margin(20-30%). Just make sure to burn in the DFB for 24 hours. By far this is the best combo for on the go for me or while at work. It depends what you want and what's your benchmark of quality music is. Guess you just have to do some soul searching.
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  2. Ratfink5
    i wonder what this will do to the used HD650 market......currently they are selling for $225-$250 on ebay. even higher for some.
  3. dbdynsty25
    Then you haven't been reading this thread.  The one area where the H6 lack is in the mid-range and fullness of vocals. It feels a bit thin.  But that's the last part of the sound spectrum I am concerned w/ so it doesn't bother me as much...along with a ton of other happy H6 owners apparently.  If mid-range is your thing, then you shouldn't have gotten them.
  4. Pawel Fotek

    Yeah I admit that this thread is too long and I just looked through it briefly, I did read some online reviews and impressiosn and the one that got me mostly hyped for them was Marco's review.

    Now I see that this is not really my kind of sound signature as I listen to a lot of music that has vocals really important, like Lissie for that matter.

    Jared Chew

    I know, yet this is not about which is wider and more airy sounding, it's purely about their sound signature.
    Fidelio X1 or X2 hit my sweetspot with their signature, the H6 due to their vocals handling simply does not :/

    Could you guys recommend an alternative, good looking and fairly light weight, momentum 2.0?
  5. plsvn
    with a friend we compared my B&O and his Grado 325 and Momentum
    Momentum were unlistenable (by both of us) after hearing the B&O that were a really close match with Grados
    Senns did lack a lot of the "transparency" the other two have. B&O are really exceptionally transparent for a closed design
    Momentum, though, are more sensitive and do play louder
  6. Pawel Fotek
    May I ask what was most annoying about Sennheisers?
    I do LOVE B&O H6 for Everything expect the vocals and the cable, if not that they'd be my perfect  portable headphones :<
  7. plsvn
    as I said... lack of transparecy. Senns did sound "muffled" (after hearing B&Os and even more Grados)
    my friend, afterwards, sold both Senns and Grado and bough P7s. Which are exactly the reason I got my B&Os (which I never considered before) instead: did not like those at all :lol:
    oh... if you're keeping your H6s... ask Matthew (Forza Audio Works) one of his great lintz braided cables :wink:
  8. Pawel Fotek
    Whoa that's some expensive cables they got there ^^'
    But since I'm also from Poland the shipping would be cheap at least hehe.
  9. daboscovellen

    Have a look at the Oppo PM-3. It's not super light-weight but it is actually more comfortable for long sessions than the H6 for me (and isolates better). Smaller soundstage but the signature will be more up your alley: bass is just as good, mids are excellent, highs are slightly rolled off but nicely done (I found the H6 highs nice but just a little too prominent). I kept the PM-3 over the H6v2 and Meze 99, though I think the other two are also very good and it was just personal preference / comfort. PM-3 + Dragonfly Black + Tidal = killer portable setup.
  10. Pawel Fotek
    Oppos are over my budget, I'd have to search for second hand ones and even then they would cost more than H6 v2, mind that we pay more for electonics here in the EU, unless it's some kind of a sale ... :/  at current exchange rates Oppos would be around 450$
    Plus they are a bit heavy as well, it's exactly why I was looking something for lightweight in the first place, there are not so many options to choose from as it seems.
    -A good all rounder sound signature, with good to great vocals.
    -Good looking 
    -Light Weight
    - around 300-350$ price point.
    Someone suggested Denon AH MM400, but they also are over 300 gram vs H6 230 gram   :/
    Will the search ever be over .... [​IMG] 
  11. daboscovellen

    Yeah I got the Oppos used for a good price, $450 is definitely steep.
  12. chong
    Just a heads up:
    I've confirmed with BeoPlay support via email that the H6 do not come with a cloth bag.  Seems like only the newer H6 stocks are affected by this, as an older H6 gen2 I had still came with it.
    Coincidentally, there's a few reports over at the H7 thread of the recently restocked H7s missing the cloth bag too.  B&O cutting costs on their premium priced products? [​IMG] 
  13. Realism
    I've had these for about a year now, haven't thought much of it. I just hate how weak they sound at first, I really need to turn the volume up, either that or get an amp.
    But now after some burn time they are becoming better.
    They are possibly the best neutral sounding headphones out there. I just wish they had more drive to them, more power pushing the sound.
    Anyone know any other similar headphones that is neutral but has a more powerful sound? 
  14. apaar123
    How do they compare to meze 99 classics.
  15. Pawel Fotek
    Ok I've had a chance to audition Momentum 2.0 quite briefly in store today, and I must say,  now I UNDERSTAND.
    Everything except the mids are a pile of crap in comparison to H6 v2, the bass was bloated, spilling over to the vocals, highs sounded a bit harsh in some songs, worse soundstage and imaging.
    I'm not going to sacrifice so much for the vocals themselves, on top of that after having them holding them in person I no longer find Momentums so good looking anymore, H6 just looks better ( I have the  all black version )
    I see no alternatives as for now as I'm not going to stretch my budget to have another leap of faith and try something more expensive, these were not exactly cheap either.
    Going to keep my H6, I think that true love has to develop with time. I'm a believer :p
    Now just need to get myself a warmer portable dac/amp that will pair nicely, either that or a HiFi capable samrtphone.
    Anyhow, thanks for your input headfiers! :]
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