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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. goody
    Guys what other cable do you use for the H6 V2 the one it comes with is a bit too short for me..
  2. Jared Chew
    I got this from amazon and it works fantastic.
    There are some lads getting the V-Moda cable as well but the one from Amazon is good enough and comes with a 1/4 jack. If you're looking one with an inline mic, you'll either have to get from B&O or other source.. The amazon one does increase the volume by 10-20% depending on the device.
  3. daboscovellen
    I have a used H6 (2nd gen) and a used Meze 99 on the way to demo as replacements for my Bowers and Wilkins P5 S2, which I got as a gift but was not comfortable for any extended listening. The bass was also a bit excessive and uncontrolled for my tastes, and the tonality of the mids in particular seemed a bit off. I actually distinctly prefer my girlfriend's BeoPlay H2 both for fit and sound quality, even though they were considerably less expensive new, so I have high hopes for the new H6. I prefer the more understated looks and portability of the H6 over the Meze, so I'm hoping the sound will be on par. I had previously avoided the H6 due to reports of its weaker bass. I will sometimes use it for subway commutes and like my electronic music while working, so I don't mind bass that's a little north of neutral as long as it has good texture and doesn't overwhelm everything else.  
    Incidentally, I am honestly surprised so few people talk about the H2 around here (not cool enough, I guess?), as you can sometimes get it for $99 and it bests everything else I've heard at that price point in sound quality and looks.
  4. daboscovellen

    Just out of curiosity, what source and what kind of files were you listening to the E70 with, and what tips did you use? They sound especially bad with anything below 320 mp3 and need a decent source to shine. They also sound significantly better with spiral dots than with the stock tips, IME. I almost returned them when my first impressions were less than stellar, but I'm glad I didn't - they are really great, and I prefer them overall to more hyped IEMs like the CA Nova, iBasso IT03, and Earsonics Velvet.
    Though it's a bit apples and oranges with an over-ear like the H6 v2, I'll compare them later today when my demo unit arrives.
  5. divefroggy
    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking into a bluetooth receiver option that can plug into my H6 (2nd Gen) and turn it into a wireless headphone. I'm not gonna use it that often but rather have an option if I don't feel like having any wires at that point of time.
    I don't wanna get another bluetooth headphone just for wireless option. A third party bluetooth receiver would be nice to have.
    Anyone over here has any or saw any products that could fit into the H6 3.5mm jack? Good if its not those that dangle halfway from the headphone. Those solid piece that runs straight from the 3.5mm jack would be nice.
    Open to comments and suggestions. 
  6. daboscovellen
    First impressions of the second gen are that the bass is perfect (probably the best I have heard), the soundstage is impressive for a closed headphone, and it has great clarity without being harsh. They also look and feel great and I like the daisy-chain feature for comparing with other sets.

    However, I find the mids slightly recessed. It is clearly much better than the H2 technically in every regard, but it feels slightly less well-balanced somehow to me. I am still getting used to the signature, but right now I feel like I want a version of the H6 with the exact same soundstage and bass as the second gen, with equally revealing but maybe slightly less prominent treble, and slightly more forward mids.

    They are still the best closed-backs I've heard overall.
  7. daboscovellen
    I am also comparing the H6 with the Meze 99. The H6 just kills the 99 in bass quality (tight and textured but still ample) and has a larger soundstage. Due to the treble emphasis it feels a bit analytical or something compared to the 99, though. I definitely prefer the H6 at the moment, but if the Meze's bass settles down considerably it might be a slightly tougher call.
  8. dbdynsty25

    I had the same issue. However after hearing the H7 I simply just sold the H6 and went proper Bluetooth. They sound almost identical wired to the 2nd gen and wireless is extremely impressive. No idea why the h7 doesn't get enough love around here.
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  9. SixDerv1sh
    Just got my 2nd gen H6 from B&O Toronto - paired with my new Onkyo DP-X1 - very impressed with tight but expressive bass, broad soundstage, and generally clean presentation. VERY impressed with the combination.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  10. daboscovellen
    Just a note - I bent the band slightly to get a bit more clamping force (they were pretty loose out of the box) and am now finding the sound pretty well-balanced. They're hard to fault, honestly. I'm leaning toward keeping them over the Oppo PM-3 right now (which I also really like but find slightly too polite up top).
  11. chong
    Quick question for those who purchased a gen2 H6 from Amazon US in the last 2 months: did it come with a cloth carrying bag?
  12. daboscovellen

  13. Sub-zer0

    I played lossless files from both my ipad air and my galaxy note 5 (what do you think? I didnt want an amp bec I wanted portability) and I used the silicon tips they were fine. I'm not saying the e70 sounded bad by any means the sound was very detailed although I remember hearing a bit of sibilance in the treble with female voices and some instruments, but that might be me being used to dynamic drivers.
    But the problem was that it was very uncomfortable to wear for my ears, especially since the part that rested on my ear antihelix is not rounded when it should be, doesnt it hurt your ears? Btw you didnt compare them to the h6 2nd gen :)
  14. Sub-zer0
    Also one more thing, they ARE analytical, I wasnt enjoying my music if you know what I mean, They sounded a bit lifeless not musical.
  15. daboscovellen

    Sorry - I got caught up comparing the H6 with the Meze 99 and Oppo PM-3. 
    Again, it's a little apples to oranges, but you're right that the E70 are flatter (to my ears they're pretty neutral), where the H6 is perhaps tuned to be a bit more exciting. The H6 also has the advantage of a much larger dynamic driver for bass impact, and very good soundstage for closed over-ear headphones.
    I find the E70 pretty comfortable, though not amazing in that respect. But I think they're overall the best IEMs I've heard in that price range, and I don't find them overly analytical. They have nice timbre and good soundstage for in-ears, and they reproduce music faithfully. They also take EQ well if I want to bump the bass up a bit on the subway.
    I do find the E70 to sound considerably better out of my HTC 10 or Dragonfly Black 1.5 than out of my laptop, and that tips make a marked difference as well (I like the spiral dots or the included comply tips). But if comfort's the main issue, I would't bother trying them again if you're happy with the H6. I prefer in-ears for commuting and over-ears for working, so they serve different functions for me.
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