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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. aldinho878
    Can someone who's trried both H6 V1 and V2 please compare the size and density of the earcups first hand? Wondering if there's any difference in diameter opening or earpad denisty at all?
    Also soundstage comparison pleaaaase
  2. Cycom
    Just got mine in the mail from B&O. I have to say...they sound fantastic. Bass is punchy, pleasant, and with the right amount of boom. Great minds, highs, and a nice soundstage. I just might have found my favorite headphones ever. "Accuracy" notwithstanding, I think they sound way better than my Q701s and K550s.
    Oh, and they're light and really comfortable too. Great fit and finish!
  3. Dexter22
    I too got stuck up with these. Under 200 bucks, I think it's hard to beat them. I never felt the need of upgrading as my source is a xduoo x3 (under 100 bucks). The difference it was making while amped with o2 and fiio e12 were not worth sacrificing the portability. So, I ended up having a neat on the go setup under 300 bucks. By the way like the above person mentioned, I think it sounds more realistic than my k551, and k702 but both of them has a wider soundstage and a larger presentation. H6 sounds faster though. These headphones made me a treble head!!
  4. Freetrademan
    According to this review (which I completely agree with, regarding sound), there is no physical difference.
    "It looks nearly identical to the first H6 — the only apparent differences are the driver cover cloth, which has gone from green to black (in the black model), and the barrels on the headphone cable, which no longer have metal finishes (but now fit through slightly thinner openings in many phone cases).
    The H6 remains one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn, with a very lightweight design and excellent earpads. Isolation of outside noise (and leakage of music to the outside world) remains average for closed headphones, and portability is excellent for over-ear wired headphones.
    Upon any physical inspection between the first and second H6, you’ll think nothing has changed."
  5. Jared Chew
    Did you get the 1st gen at $199 or 2nd gen $299? From what I've been seeing on google, $299 is by far the cheapest it can go? Can anyone comment or validate my findings? Just wondering whether they will increase or decrease the price since its closer to Black Friday
  6. Jared Chew

    How much did you get yours 2nd gen for and did you get from Amazon or B&O?
  7. Dickies

    I've owned both, not at the same time however.
    I've not measured anything so keep in mind this is based off feel and the naked eye.
    I haven't noticed a difference in size and or density, I've got pretty big ears so the snug fit feels just as snug, then only difference I've noticed was the v1 earpads had a slightly slicker feel.
  8. dbdynsty25
    V2 is 299...that's retail.  Gonna stay the same or decrease w/ sale prices.
  9. Jared Chew
    After weeks of auditioning and research online, I've just placed my order for v2 champagne grey SE..Its all sold out in B&O website for the SE, so got it from Amazon and supposedly its n authorised deal. So lets see how the v2 fairs against v1 which I've tested years ago and the h7/8 which I've tested a week ago. Any reasonably priced portable amps to rec? I know Fiio, Dragonfly and etc, but they are fairly ex. Looking for <100 to start with. But I'll drive without straight to source first and see whether an amp is really needed for my taste.
  10. Freetrademan
    I paid the full $299 list price. The only "discount" I could find was avoiding sales tax by buying online out of state. 
  11. aldinho878
    I'm about to list a pair of 2nd gen H6 if anyone's interested. Only used about 4-5 hours, everything looks new. $250. Black color
  12. Toastledrums
    Just ordered the 2nd gen black for £179 from Amazon UK (down from £239), reduced today and can't wait!
    Get in quickly if you can order from there :wink:
    RoundRound and Jared Chew like this.
  13. RoundRound

    Lucky bastard, I bought mine (at Amazon UK) at the full price on the last day of August... :wink:
    Still amazing headphones!
  14. charlie chalk
    Hi folks

    Has anyone here tried taking these headphones apart or modifying them? I notice that they swivel to face down, I personally prefer an upward swivel. Can the swivel be somehow changed or would it even be possible to swap the drivers and ear cups and then just wear them the other way round. Any thoughts would be great.
  15. Sub-zer0
    So after I read all the positive reviews I was so excited to buy them (my ultrasone hfi-780 is looking terrible these days and the cable sucks), I have always been a fan of b&o, visiting their store when I was a kid is the reason I'm an audiophile now although I cant afford most of their stuff :xf_eek: so I went to the dubai b&o official store and they only had the 1st generation because they're waiting for the stock to finish :mad: and they told me it would take 3 weeks to get me the 2nd generation!!!

    I couldnt wait that long and in frustration I went to another store and bought the audio technica e70 in-ear monitors that are $100 more expensive on amazon. I tried them and honestly I wasnt very impressed, it just wasnt for me and was very large for my ears I couldnt keep them for more than 30 minutes. Thankfully the store manager was understanding and agreed to take them back.

    Next day I went straight to the b&o store and made an order :k701smile: Not taking another risk. Btw I listened to the 1st generation in-store and was so impressed by the sound; it honestly impressed me more than the e70, so natural and detailed. even the bass was better! I can't wait to get my hands on my pair :L3000: 3 weeks to go though :frowning2:
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