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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. RoundRound
    Thanks guys, 
    Does the clamping force subside over time? I love the sound but they feel a little uncomfortable after a while (i'm wearing glasses too). 
  2. Dickies

    the headband is well built you can bend it to alter the clamp pressure and not have to worry you'll break it
    RoundRound likes this.
  3. RoundRound
    Hello Guys,
    Have you tried replacement cords? I'm happy with the sound but wonder if there any easy upgrade that's available in the UK/EU?
    I noticed B&O have a cord without the remote does it have any impact on the sound?
    Thank you!
  4. plsvn
    I'm waiting for a FAW one (Matt shipped it last Friday)
    main reason I bought it, though, is I have no need for controls/mic and wanted a shorter and more flexible one
  5. RoundRound
    What's FAW? :wink:
  6. plsvn
    Forza Audio Works, a polish firm that makes very fine cables, LODs and interconnects
    there's a thread here on HeadFi :wink:
  7. RoundRound
    Thanks Mate! :wink:
    Can I ask you how much it cost? please post your impressions once you get it... Thank you!
  8. rasmushorn

    Best definition of "broken in" I have read yet. :)
  9. Souryu
    I have started a seperate thread here already (http://www.head-fi.org/t/819487/sony-mdr-1a-vs-beoplay-h6) but if someone can help me pick between them and the Sony MDR-1A that would be really helpful.
  10. plsvn

    FAW 90cm long (my request), copper/silver hybrid cable for B&O H6... just delivered :)
  11. Dexter22

    I listened to h6 v1 against mdr 1a and momentum 2.0. There is no aspect in which the mdr was better than h6! Clear winner in my opinion. :)
  12. Souryu
    Thanks for your input! I have now ordered the Sonys because I got a nice deal on them but I think I'll get the H6 as well and send back the one I liked the least.
  13. RoundRound

    Congrats, can you please let us know how it sounds and who much it cost?
  14. plsvn
    Cable is very nice and extremely well made. It also is extremely flexible, light and doesn't tangle and "bounce" as the original did: a pleasure to carry around :)
    I'm definitely very happy with it for just all of the above but... sorry: I don't do cable reviews(*) =;-p
    Price is, I believe (but better ask Matt to confirm), €80 for copper and 120 for the copper/silver hybrid version
    (*) I mean... I do not buy a cable, any cable, based on reviews of "how it sounds" :-/ I do based on descriptions of how it is made and why :wink:
    then... if you're not happy with a given system... a cable won't solve your issues for sure :p
  15. RoundRound

    Thanks, I understand.
    I'm just wondering if you feel there's an improvement in SQ? I don't have an issue with the stock cable and aren't bothered by it - but if an upgraded cable can improve quality noticeably -
    I'll consider it :wink:
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