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Balanced Thunderpants

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by victorhalgaard, Oct 18, 2011.
  1. VictorHalgaard
    Hey there, since it seems no one has really posted anything on the subject i thought I would start a thread, and hopefully add my impressions as soon as i get mine.
    But basically, please tell if you tried it, how it sounded and what it did for the TPs compared to SE :)
  2. thread
    I have a pair of Thunderpants on order with Smeggy, and I've requested a balanced plug on it for my SR-71B. I think there will be some weeks before he can get to building my pair, but I am looking forward to experiencing them and comparing notes.

    I haven't actually seen anybody else listening to the Thunderpants out of the SR-71B, and indeed any balanced amp.

    Anybody out there?
  3. VictorHalgaard
    Right, just got my Thunderpants from Martin, and reterminated their pure silver cable to the Hirose plug that fits my iBasso PB2/DB2. Ridiculously good result! I must say though, I gotta get some better sealing pads (Using beyer pads at the moment). But very crisp and detailed, and extraordinarily airy and large soundstage for a closed can! 
    Its everything i love about headphones in a nicely finished, closed, Cocobolo wood package :p
  4. roker
     A thread is nothing without pics.
  5. Severanth
    Looking forward to reading your impressions on balanced Thunderpants through the SR-71B Thread.  
  6. HiFlight
    I recently purchased a set of Thunderpants built by Smeggy. I cut the cable about 12" up from the 1/4" phone plug and re-terminated the ends with a set of matching Neutrik 4-pin XLR connectors. I now have the ability to use the phones either balanced or single-ended.

    I am currently driving them balanced using the speaker taps from my Virtue Sensation with tube buffer. Sound is outstanding, with a full and expansive soundstage. I consider these to be right up there with the best phones that I have owned!


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