Available Now: The Element by JDS Labs

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  1. Packdemon
    Help vote to get the Element to be massdropped: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/jds-labs-dacamps
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  2. jseaber
    @Packdemon: Highly unlikely. The Element is already priced aggressively.
    We have a few B-stock Elements available:
  3. dullknives
    can these be configured with RCA/DAC out rather than inputs also?
  4. jseaber
  5. Packdemon
    Oh well, I guess that was to be expected. I mean with the product being so new, the stock being so little, and it having such a high demand. It really is going to take a while for the market and stock to reach an equilibrium. I have to say that this product has been quite successful for it's fairly young market life so far. I got to hand it to you guys at JDSLabs, you did a really great job.
  6. Packdemon
    Just to be sure, Stock-B only has cosmetic imperfections, nothing that is functionally an imperfection? It should function as well as the regular stock right?
  7. dullknives
    not yelling, copy and paste from jdslabs.​
  8. Packdemon
    I already read that, like I said just making sure that it's not even the slightest performance hit. 
    Making sure in and of it's self means that I already know, but that I am still making sure as an knowingly redundant added precaution.
  9. Packdemon
    I wonder if there is a B-Stock for your other items that you sell, too. I haven't found any on the JDSLabs website though. Even this one for the Element I only found because you linked to it: https://www.jdslabs.com/products/158/the-element-b-stock
  10. Deftone
    i need this, problem is import fees to uk will drive the price up a lot and the wait time :frowning2:
  11. loki993

    Thanks for that couldn't pass up the 50 dollar savings for whats probably just a few scratches.
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  12. Deftone
    so am i right in thinking this is a re cased objective amp + rev b odac with better nob on top?
    if its identical i will purchase just for the design :p
  13. Music Alchemist
    No. Compare the specs:
  14. Packdemon
    The amp is different (no longer the objective 2 amp), but the RevB ODAC is more or less the same.
  15. jseaber
    Ha, did this come from Jude's impression?

    Yes, The Element shares the basic topology of O2 (voltage amplification -> attenuation -> current amplification). The chipset and power logic differ significantly. Element's DAC was designed before we moved the PCM5102A+SA9023 to ODAC RevB. Performance differs slightly between the the 2L and 4L implementations.
    1. NJM2068+NJM4556 chipset
    2. Pusbhbutton and opamp power logic
    3. DC Rails: +/-12VDC
    4. Max Power = 0.6W @ 32 ohm 
    1. LME29720+LME49600 chipset
    2. Microcontroller + relay power logic
    3. DC Rails: +/-15VDC
    4. Max Power: 1.1W @ 32 ohm (1.5W peak)
    Element turns on and off silently. O2 generates a soft click and thump. Element has a huge knob and looks great on my desk; I can't say the same about O2+ODAC.
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