Available Now: The Element by JDS Labs
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Jan 6, 2010
JDS Labs is proud to announce that our new flagship amp+DAC, The Element, is now available for preorder.

We designed The Element to enjoy our headphones without compromise. Its amplifier renders shocking power, driven by an ultra clean DAC, all housed in a precision machined chassis with a comfortable knob. The Element beautifully drives headphones of all technologies and sizes.

Hear what you've been missing.

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It.  Sounds.  Amazing.  

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Looks very cool, but after investing some $ in some dsd and 24/192 files, I probably wouldn't go with a usb 1 only device. Thank god. My wallet just breathed a sigh of relief.
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  It.  Sounds.  Amazing.  

What have you heard it with so far? What sort of sound signature does the amp section seem to have?
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Looks really nice!
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