Available Now: The Element by JDS Labs

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  1. canthearyou
    Bluetooth? Lol
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  2. racer11
    Yup. Never head of one?
  3. neurofone
    i think here we're interested in higher fidelity and better measurements then even aptx bluetooth can provide.
  4. racer11
    Best of both worlds ftw
  5. oceans22
    Awesome clarification thank you so much for explaining!!!
  6. david408
    Definitely excited and anxiously awaiting to hear some reviews before I pull the trigger.
  7. cjp29
    i thought this was smaller, but after looking at the measurements, it seems larger. I'll keep an eye out for the review to come like many others are :p
  8. Schopenhauer
    Found this picture. It shows what appears to be a strip running from 6 o'clock to 3 o'clock that illuminates to the degree that the volume is set. Of course, this could just be a way of visually representing gain, especially given that the amp isn't plugged into anything. Still, it's gotten be wondering if this is how the volume know is illuminated. 
  9. jseaber
    That is a long gone concept drawing from 2014.
  10. Schopenhauer
    Ah, that's too bad. I like the concept. 
  11. ssrock64

    That probably would've added some unnecessary cost and maybe even electronic noise to the device, so it's probably best that it was scrapped.
  12. kupuna
    Is the Element as uncolored as O2+ODAC?
  13. neurofone
  14. avens
    With such good DAC it should come with a line out.
    With such good amp it should come with a line in.
    Personally, without both I won't even consider the product.
    Now into the even more petty complaints:
    - Looking at the design, seems like it'd be a nice idea to have the headphone plug (out) at the top, instead of at the bottom. That way it could be used vertically. I might be completely wrong though.
    - The knob could be slightly better, as reported in the Headfonia review.
    - Also and I alike them, I'd like complete labeling.
    - "Element" > "The Element".
    - edit: And two more things, based on posts in another thread: 24/192 support (that practically no one uses -- despite what people post), and a bass boost button (that I will never use, but the word "bass" sells).
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  15. rosie bowers
    Is there a compelling reason for getting this over the O2+ODAC combo? (Sorry if I'm asking the obvious, noob here, just explain to me like I was 5 year old).
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