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AURALiC owners unite!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by norway, Mar 26, 2013.
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  1. iichigoz

    It's the best choice for me. What I heard is that it can't drive the HE6 well that's why my friend didn't get it. It's able to drive both my hd800 and LCD X
  2. Wildcatsare1

    The Tarus drives everything from iems, to HD800, HE560, and HEK EXTRAORDINARILY. well. It will make music with the HE6, but is not the optimal amp. And by well I mean some of the best sound you will here out of a low impedance Grado Cans to my Alclair RSM ciem , then on to the finickiest of all the HD800 with aplomb!
  3. Falcaw

    Thanks DrGameboy! Indeed it is exactly as you said. Std mode drives both and the std jack is muted when in balanced mode.
    I didn't know the Taurus could do this. What a great surprise. I sometimes would like to listen with my girlfriend so if the Taurus can drive two headphones that would just be great. I just wanted to check that there is no risk of damage? I haven't found anything in the Manual that covers this.
  4. ubs28

    Good to hear. I think it will be the Taurus MK2 since the GS-X MK2 is so hard to come by ( I don't want to order from an online shop ). 
    How is the Taurus MK2 in comparison to the Ragnarok?
  5. money4me247 Contributor
    dude, if it works fine at normal listening levels, I would imagine that the issue is more likely to be due to your source files or your speakers/headphones rather than the amplifier.
    don't waste your money swapping to a new one.
    just my personal opinion.
  6. Wildcatsare1
    They are both great amps, the Rag can drive speakers as well. Though I prefer the SQ of the Taurus, the Rag is a bit to smooth, some have called it a dull, homogenized sound.
  7. vnmslsrbms
    I totally forgot to try this.  I tried it two ways.  Since having it true full blast on all sources and the Taurus would probably destroy my headphones and make me go deaf at the same time, a) I turned the volume of the Taurus all the way up, and turned up the volume gradually on my vega and b) maxed out the vega at 100, and slowly turned up the volume of the Taurus to acceptable levels.  Both A and B yielded similar results.  There was the regular bass hit that was pretty clean (with some static that they add in there to add texture to the bass I guess) and the lower booming bass line that's still defined and controlled.  I didn't hear distortion at all.  I guess you have problems with either your amplifier or that you're turning the volume up so high that you're feeding too much into your headphones.  I then tried turning it up pretty high (gradually), and it was like I had cheap laptop speakers playing since I was holding it away, but holding it closer could not hear distortion.  Either way.  Not sure why this is a problem unless there is distortion at lower levels but you just can't hear it as easily.  Otherwise just take the good deal that you got and enjoy the music at non-deafening levels.  You'll be able to enjoy music for much longer anyway.  
  8. drgameboy
    I contacted Auralic and told them i am willing to exchange my current Taurus for a brand new one. Can't wait..hope i do not make a $950 mistake...but from your testing results, it seems like my Taurus is in-fact defective.
    joseph69 likes this.
  9. Womaz

    You could look at it in another way in that the Taurus punches well above its weight in the price/performance ratio so you still have a good deal :smiley:
    On a serious note in a few months you will have forgot all about this episode and be enjoying your new amp
    joseph69 likes this.
  10. thomascrown

    Imo when Std is selected the balanced gets less power, it doesn't sound as good as on bal: lower volume and compressed
  11. CoLdAsSauLt
    Two days ago I did another Google search and stumbled upon a forum where "BubbleDS next" was hinted. It didn't seem to work flawlessly on my Galaxy Note 4 however. But it pointed me to BubbleUPNP. Nowadays, this app apparantly integrates cloud streaming as well. Tidal is my main music source, so this kind of made my day - scratch that, my whole month. Because... it just works!! I keep my lightning DS installed of course, in case I would need to change Aries specific settings (which I doubt many people do very often, me myself hardly ever) and for the occasional radio station listening session and other streaming modes. But as for basic functionality, BubbleUPNP does all I can ask for at this very moment :) And with basic, I do mean very basic (quite sad for Auralic in this regard): I can now always see what's playing on the now playing tab. Lightning DS always struggled to sync that with the Aries and keep the screen info updated. Neither did it ever manage to show the right duration of a song when using Tidal. In BubbleUPNP, I quickly find songs (the search function also combines my own library and tidal), but now I can just add them to the playlist without the currently playing song restarting after a 10 second silence. Go figure :p It even always appears in the playlist, whereas lightning DS just froze half of the times I tried and the song wasn't added after all.
    So, to wrap things up:
    - Auralic, PLEASE contact Bubblesoft, as - contrary to Linn - they are not competitors as far as I know, but they sure as hell do make working software. You can both win by partnering up!
    - Auralic, please advise you're customers in the meantime to use Bubblesoft apps (BubbleUPNP or BubbleDS next, whichever works for them), so you at least help them with a good alternative for the app you're failing to deliver them for the time (1 year and counting ^^) being...
    - Android users: the Aries is no longer a brick, or a one song at a time streaming device (if you don't want to listen to a whole album). I would be more comfortable buying it now, as open source software saves the day for Auralic. After all, I can't but recognise they DO make excellent hardware. My Vega and Taurus mk2 deliver a truly stunning listening experience.
    So now go listen what those frankly positive reviews about that Aries are about. I'll do so in any case, without being hampered by unusability. Finally :)
  12. NZtechfreak
    I feel bad now. I should have suggested BubbleUPnP, it's only one of my favourite apps for Android for the last several years. If I'd been thinking I would have suggested to try it. I use it with UAPP on my Android phones to stream Tidal to DACs without native Android support, as well as using it with my NAS and Shield Android TV.
  13. vnmslsrbms
    Whenever I think about getting a nice streamer, I end up going back to using my iPhone/iPad streaming from my plex server. It's not the most amazing hi-res quality but it's about CD quality I believe.  The interface just works and it's fast.  Actually the magic is in the Plex server since out of all the free ones that I tried, it indexes everything so browsing the library is snappy.  When streaming using foobar or other DLNA servers I keep getting stoppages.  Plex is that server side that fixed my issues.  I thought the client mattered but using the server with VLC player also was snappy.  Oh well.  It's good to support a good product (server is free but client is not).  
  14. filuS
    After the recent discussion about the proper Lightning DS app for Android (or lack of it), recent Android update to 6.0 screws with things even more - LDS does not work on my Nexus 5 phone at all, it just crashes instantly. Now I am very curious whether they are going to fix it or leave it in the dark. I am afraid that if they are not developing android version at all that I might be out of luck here. While 3rd party apps may be fine (I have heard about BubbleUPnP) for managing playback, I am not sure how good they are at setting Aries unit up.
  15. Brandon_Ottawa
    Just curious if anyone has had an issue with switching the input and output on their Taurus MKII? My Taurus is stuck with the light on BAL ouput and XLR input. Basically the front panel buttons are inactive except for the power button. Turning the unit off and on, unplugging, etc does not solve the issue. I was doing some A/B testing against the Headamp GS-X mk2... Both powered with a PS Audio p300. No issues with the GS-X though.
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