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Aune T1 USB Tube DAC+ SS Amp Discussion Thread ***See first post for FAQ--Updated on 02/14/15***

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by joeq70, Oct 23, 2012.
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  1. CoiL
    I feel sorry for You - it is addictive and gets expensive very fast! :D

    But this thing with some upgraded internal hardware and right tubes sounds "TOTL" to my ears and wallet :wink:
  2. HeavenNotes
    . You will enjoy it. I'm using mine with Macbook pro today with CCA tube one of my favorites.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
  3. CoiL
  4. octav2018
    Hello. Finally my Aune T1 SE was defective(something on usb board) and i chose to replace it with aune x1s 10 th anniversary edition instead send the T1 to China. Does somebody knows if T1 SE to have more power than x1s 10 th annyversary edition? It seems to me that aune T1 SE deliveried more power to my beyerdynamic dt 990 premium edition then my new aune x1s ? Thanks for help
  5. octav2018
    ...dt 990 premium edition 250 ohms
  6. CoiL
    Well, @ high gain T1 should give out ~1000mA as I remember, don`t remember volts atm.
  7. wenbinbin2010
    Picked up a used Aune T1 mk2 to use as a DAC only out to my iDSD Micro Black Label amp. Sounds excellent! Really couldn't decide on what route to go down to upgrade my DAC, but I couldn't pass up on the Aune for $80. Also came with a Genelex Gold Lion...and now I'm curious about the Amperex 7308.

    Clear improvement over the DAC of the iDSD Micro BL, at least in terms of harmonics and life-likeness. Soundstage and detail resolution about the same, so I think it's mostly the tube-coloring that I'm benefiting from. Still have GAS to go big with something in the Gungnir range, but this Aune is very satisfying for now.

    Headphone is an Audeze LCD-3. The tube tames some of the upper-end harshness that I was surprised to hear from an Audeze headphone, but that's apparently the voicing for the latest LCD-3 drivers.
  8. CoiL
    Get Yourself one of those tubes: Amperex Orange Globe 6Dj8, Amperex 7308, Siemens E88CC, then upgrade opamps to OPA2228PA and change capacitors for Panasonic FR (power filtering) + ELNA SilmicII for all others = crazy good sound! ;P
  9. rwpritchett
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  10. CoiL
  11. exSpire
  12. penmarker
    No, why would you want to replace it? Is your power brick broken?
  13. marsza11
    What tube is warm sound?
  14. wgkwgk
    Our friend Coil has done _tons_ of research on this (and other) topics. Maybe do a little digging in the archives. There is so much that goes in to sound perceptions, such as "warm".
  15. Cheesedoodle
    I did a lot of research into this a few years ago, too. If I recall, the short answer is that lots of people prefer vintage Amperex Orange Globes. I bought a pair and agreed they were the "warmest" and most holographic to my ears.
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