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Aune T1 USB Tube DAC+ SS Amp Discussion Thread ***See first post for FAQ--Updated on 02/14/15***

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by joeq70, Oct 23, 2012.
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  1. exSpire
    Yeah I think I'll do that.
    But when I do, I might as well also pay him to upgrade some of the electronics like you suggested before.

    Would be best if I knew the exact parts that would be needed for this. <3
  2. CoiL
    Easier and least costly way?
    Just replace stock capacitors (with exact same values ones) but quality ones:
    Panasonic FR for primary power supply filtering, all others go for Panasonic FC.
    You can take a look at my head-fi Aune T1 gallery and read descriptions of stock capacitors.
    I used FR for primary PSU filtering and all others Elna SilmicII`s (which are lot more expensive but sound quite similar to FC)
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
  3. penmarker
    In my case it was the DAC board, and I think it might have been one of the components (like the capacitors as mentioned above). I sent it in for repairs and they replaced the board with a Aune T1 Mk2 board. It went away and works fine after the replacement.

    When mine was faulty, I thought it was the tube too so I replaced it and it ended up damaging the tubes. My hunch is it messes with the bias voltage or something and the tube was running over the spec on the faulty. Heating up the tube by wrapping with thick cloth helped temporarily. I had to increase 1 gain on the ok channel to get it matched.

    I didn't contact Aune but I contacted a local dealer (Stars Picker in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). They were nice enough to help with the parts acquisition and repairs for a modest fee and I think they're the best.
  4. octav2018
    Hello. For a while, my aune t1se doesn t recognized by my laptop. I installed driver for it but it doesn t work. What can I do? Thanks.
  5. CoiL
    What OS are You using?
  6. HeavenNotes
    Hello. Using this hub worked for me.
    Belkin USB 2.0 4-Port Ultra-Mini Hub
  7. CoiL
    Does not matter which hub You use with Aune T1 as it doesn`t draw any power from USB, only digital data signal.
  8. octav2018
    I used windows 10 1809 build .Also tried USB hub powered and doesn t work
  9. CoiL
    Use in compability mode (windows7) and try ASIO4ALL.
  10. rwpritchett
    Well, I've had my T1 (MK1) for 5 years now but it looks like it no longer is recognized by my PC over USB or my phone via OTG. I get a "Device Descriptor Request Failed" error. Looks like the T1 USB board has crapped out.

    Does anyone have any DIY repair advice for me or first-hand experience with paying for repair through Aune?

    Edit: Yes, I've tried different USB cables and different USB ports.

    Aune T1.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2019
  11. CoiL
    Did You try unistalling of drivers and clearing registry and installing new one? To me seem like it could be issue of broken windows library/registry too. No idea though.
    Try with other PC to be sure.
  12. rwpritchett
    Yeah, already tried on different PC. Do they sell the USB PCB part? Maybe I could do a full cap upgrade while I'm in there. Otherwise, I may have a bunch of T1 tubes to sell.
  13. CoiL
    I don`t see there a separate USB board. USB connects straight to main PCB. So, best thing to do, is to get it to electronics specialist and let him test for faulty components.
    My guess is USB receiver chip related fault.
  14. CoiL
    For information - OPA1612 works nicely instead NE5532 @ headphone amp board. OOTB, I like it more than AD8599ARZ which was little too much "detail thrown in face" but also very good.
    Will leave it playing for week and report back vs. NE5532.
  15. karlsbergh
    Placed an order on a silver Aune T1 SE mk3 to power my Audio Technica ATH-R70x.
    It was 35% off, so decided to try it instead of going for the Schiit stack.

    Never had tubes before, so it´ll be an interesting try.
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