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Audioquests new Dragonfly Cobalt @TTVJAudio.com

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Todd, Jul 8, 2019.
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  1. Dexter22
    A turntable may sound better than a phone, but u cannot pocket it.
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  2. jnorris
    True, but as I said, they are not competitive form factors. I was using the Red at home connected to my computer audio and main audio systems where I'm more concerned with sound quality. I'm not so critical in mobile situations, but I understand that many people are. I hope for them that the Cobalt's improvements justify its cost.
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  3. Sp12er3
    Even if it's smaller only usi ng type C on that body would make connection spotty and I'd worry for its durability IMO.
    I think adding the dragon tail is a good alternative, it's small enough to "kinda" look just like an extension part of the cable adapter... Hahah.
    It is a bit pricy tho, unless people are having a nasty noise with their sensitive IEM, and or used it often enough to demand the 33% increased efficiency, getting the Red seems more make sense.
  4. nick97
    Yeah the more I thought about it the more I thought it was a good idea, now I have one coming tomorrow and I think it'll be perfect for me:D
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  5. nick97
    She's here and hooked up:D 20190711_164547-01.jpeg 20190711_164547-01.jpeg
  6. MarkF786
    Has anyone done a fair approximation of an A/B test with the Red to say if there's a notable difference?

    One thought I had was I wonder if they built in the Jitterbug filtering into the Cobalt. I have two Jitterbugs, though still consider it a bit of snake oil (it's a long story why I own a second dose of snake oil).
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  7. Audio Addict Contributor
    According to John Darko the answer was yes.

  8. Signal2Noise
    DFC flew into my hands today. First listen straight out of the box is not too shabby at all. Using UAPP on LG V30 with included Dragon Tail and Lyra II IEMs.

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  9. Condocondor
    I used my iSilencer (same as Jitterbug) and iPurifier3 on my COBALT and noticed a nice change. I used them together and separately and they were better together for certain. I noticed that the sound was more relaxed with even better spatial and soundstaging cues. Below is my pic. IMG_0293_hf.jpg

    Compared to my iDSD Micro BL, the DFC with same set up (iSilencer, iPurifer3, iGalvanic3.0) ran my Edition XX at 60% volume to a very nice volume level but the sound and, although just a clear as the BL, did not contain the spaciousness and low end grunt of the BL.

    The DFC is a very impressive product considering its diminutive size. Goodness, it's smaller than the DFR. It probably sounds 85% of what my iFi Micro iDSD BL can do..... it's 1/10th the size..... and half the cost. THAT is amazing.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  10. nytryder7
    Hello, is anyone having battery drain issues on iOS devices? I’ve had my cobalt for two days now & it drains the battery like crazy on my phone, pad & ipod. Listening to TIDAL hifi on my ipod with iem’s the battery went from 100% to 82% in under twenty minutes. The phone is XS-max, the pod is 7th gen, latest.
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  11. Khronos

    I found this dongle, and I wonder, how would they compare?
    I know implementation is key, as a well-implemented 4490 can sound better than a badly implemented 9038. However, the question stays, could this be a Khadas tone board all over again?
  12. tmaxx123
    Love my cobalt, much improved from the red on my EE Legend X.
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  13. tmaxx123
    I’ve noticed less battery drain then the red.
  14. nytryder7
    Thanks tmaxx123. So your saying that my mileage wouldn’t be considered normal? :) My cobalt is going back to the store, I’m just trying to decide whether it’s going to be a return or replacement.
  15. walakalulu
    I’m using Meze Classic 99 into the headphone socket of my iPad Pro and there’s plenty of volume. Would a dfr or dfc via a camera adapter significantly improve sound quality?
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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