1. Todd

    Great Deal on AudioQuest Niagara 1200!

    Hi All, While supplies last, the AudioQuest Niagara 12000 (Currently $1595) with a NRG Y3 power cable for $995! You can order online or call us at 406-285-3910 This package saves you money and will improve the sound of your system. We recommend using the NRG Y3 with a component from the...
  2. R

    Dongle DAC and Regular DAC for expansive soundstage under $400

    I'm new here and I thought this would be a good time to ask people about a good dongle DAC and regular DAC. For the dongle DAC, I would prefer it to be simple with not bluetooth, volume/gain controls, etc. I was trying to decide between the MOONRIVER 2 and Dragonfly Cobalt but I found out that...
  3. E

    Dragonfly vs Shanling UA2

    HI guys and gals, i was wondering what's the difference between a DAC like the Shanling UA2 vs the more well known brands like Dragonfly or the the THX Onyx?
  4. stpope

    A Tale of 10 Cans

    A Tale of 10 Cans Stephen Travis Pope - Jan-March, 2020 Introduction This documentation represents a subjective, personal comparison of a diverse collection of headphones and in-ear monitors ranging from relatively expensive new-technology over-ear headphones to old-school dynamics to...
  5. Todd

    Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt Loaner program

    Hi All, Here is the promised loaner program for the Dragonfly Cobalt. Please read the rules below the picture. I expect a review posted in this thread and for the unit to be sent in a timely manner to the next participant. I will be sending it out tomorrow to the first one to sign up. Here is...
  6. Todd

    A Sale and 2 Hot New Recommended Products!

    HI All, Here is our newsletter for this week... SAVE 12% on all our USED/Sale Gear Category until July 16th Hot new products you don't want to miss! Grado White Headphone Limited Edition These highly recommended limited edition headphones from Grado Labs begin shipping next week! We are...
  7. Todd

    Audioquests new Dragonfly Cobalt

    HI All, Today Audioquest has announced the new Dragonfly Cobalt USB DAC, Headphone Amp and Preamp! $299.95 The NEW Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt is HERE! The Dragonfly Cobalt takes the Dragonfly DACs to new heights! With an updated DAC chip, a new improved micro processor chip, improved...
  8. Adnan Firoze

    USB A-B DAC Cables - alternatives to the Audioquest Line

    Hi, Interesting story. I posted a picture of my setup woth the iFi Micro DSD Black Label with an Audeze LCD2 with an iPurifier 3.0 and a jitterbug with AQ Forest/Cinnamon cable (both of which are quite expensive in my humble opinion) being used. Someone pointed out that I should "at least" get...
  9. Todd

    SOTA Turntables and Audioquest power conditioning!

    We welcome SOTA back into the TTVJAudio fold! SOTA Turntables have long been an audiophile favorite. We are glad to have them back at TTVJAudio. We will have their top of the line tables on our site soon. We begin with their updated and upgraded entry level turntables, the Moonbeam and Comet...
  10. ammthe

    Upgrade for Spotify on Laptop + Dragonfly Black + Audioquest Nightowl?

    I'm currently listening to all my music on Spotify. If I upgrade to a $350 dac/amp like massdrop liquid carbon or $500 dac/amp like chord mojo, will it make a big difference if I only listen to music on Spotify? I'm from Myanmar where there are no audio stores where I can go try things out. I...
  11. Whazzzup

    Audio quest Fire XLR interconnects.

    In preview to my new DX music server I took the opportunity to try out some new cables to interconnect my TT and GSX MK2. I have previously Double Helix Chaperone 3 , a no slouch made to order cable. There was a also a distance issue I had ordered .75 M cable that was tight but worked from DHC...
  12. Audioquest fire xlr

    Audioquest fire xlr

    Picked these up. Very impressed in every way. Packaging, substantial cable, connectors all top quality. The sound impressive nice throat of bass down low, fantastic separation and detail. Here is the blurb. Now I come from double helix Chaperone 3, a no slouch interconnect. Now direct a/b is...
  13. Todd

    Audioquest Niagara 1000 and Thunder Power Cable Loaner Program

    Hi All, We have been playing with the Niagara 1000 for a few months and feel it is one very good upgrade for a headphone rig or mid size speaker rig. For this loaner program we are including Audioquests new Thunder power cable. The Niagara does not come with a power cable and we wanted you to...
  14. koover

    Portable Amp/DAC recommendations

    Hello My DFR decided to take a crap on me and is no more. I need another portable Amp/DAC that's on par or better then the DFR that's about 1/2 the price or a bit more. I loved the DFR, the only portable unit I ever had owned, so I'm ignorant to what's out there. I don't want to spend another...
  15. pichu

    Shiit Eitr with AudioQuest Jitterbug USB Filter?

    So I currently am running a Laptop > AudioQuest Jitterbug > AudioQuest Forest USB > Topping D30 > Audioquest Forest RCA > Topping A30 > Headphones it sounds good, but i honestly want to run my setup through SPDIF instead of USB for now on. No good reason really! Maybe just an excuse to spend...
  16. nhftk4320

    USB to MicroUSB adapter for my dac

    I recently bought the audioquest dragonfly black DAC which connects via USB 2. The product is compatible with android with a proper adapter and my connection is MicroUSB B. Since I bought this fairly expensive DAC, connected to my fairly expensive Shure SE425 earphones, i don't want a 0.2$...
  17. brent75

    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    Darko says the new devices trump many of the popular DAPs out there now in sound quality (not to mention battery life and more).   Some quotes "Compared to the Sony NW-ZX2 and Astell&Kern AK120 II, the blood-Red DragonFly’s allegedly superior DAC, volume control and headphone amplifier prove...
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    AudioQuest Dragonfly with Apple MacBook Air and Sennheiser HD 700.
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    AudioQuest Dragonfly with Apple MacBook Air and Sennheiser HD 700.
  20. [No title]

    [No title]

    AudioQuest Dragonfly with Apple MacBook Air and Sennheiser HD 700.
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    [No title]

    AudioQuest Dragonfly.
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    [No title]

    AudioQuest Dragonfly.
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    [No title]

    AudioQuest Dragonfly.
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    AudioQuest Dragonfly.
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    AudioQuest Dragonfly.