1. Mediahound

    SOLD: Audioquest Nightbird Headphone Cable 2M

    This is in like new condition and has 2.5mm plugs on the earcup ends and 3.5mm on the amp end. Works for Audioquest headphones or other headphones that use 2.5mm on the earcup ends like some Hifiman headphones, etc. 2M length. Retails for $99.95 Here's more information about it...
  2. Ficcion2

    Audio Quest Forest USB + IFi iDefender (Sold)

    For sale is an AQ forest green USB and IDefender The IDefender has a slight angle on the usb but it doesn’t wiggle and operates as it should. The Forest cable is in excellent condition and measures 2.5 feet. Asking for $60 shipped CONUS including PP fees.
  3. ScornDefeat

    [SOLD] Excellent Condition Audioquest NightOwl Carbon - $275

    Good Evening All, I am offering a 9/10 condition (see attached photos) Audioquest NightOwl Carbon for sale. This was purchased earlier this year in 2020, new, and has about 10 hours of use on them. I will ship with all original materials (1/4" adapter, carrying case, microfiber cloth bag)...
  4. flakko

    WTB: Stock Ultrasuede Earpads for the Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon

    Mine are cracked and flaking to hell and can't find replacements anywhere :( Not too sure how much they are worth so please shoot me a price if you have some you want to sell? Thanks a bunch!
  5. MarkSubsonik

    FS: Audioquest Forest USB-A to USB-B 0.75 length Cable *Brand New in Box*

    Hi all, I bought this cable for a new DAC I bought but eventually returned due to issues so I don't need this cable anymore. Bought from Amazon last week (yes, i'm still within my return window) and would like to put it up for sale here in hopes it may help someone out and save you a little...
  6. Condocondor

    Sealed, New-in-Box Audioquest Dragonfly COBALT $270.00 FIRM (no sales tax, free delivery)

    New in Box Audioquest DragonFly COBALT. It's new in original box and in still in the un-opened shipping box too. It was a warranty replacement unit from Audioquest. Ready to move on to a full desktop unit so the Cobalt is up for sale. Upon purchase I will open up the shipping box to confirm...
  7. cuiter23

    [SOLD] - Audioquest Cinnamon Optical Cable 1.5m

    Selling my 1.5mm Audioquest Cinnamon Toslink Optical Cable. Comes with the Toslink adapter as well. Perfect condition used in the home environment only. Sounds great. $70 USD shipped to CAD and CONUS. Thanks Kevin
  8. nxxo


  9. alxw0w

    [SOLD][FS] AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon

    Hello everyone I have AQ nighthawk carbon for sale. - headphones in mint/very good condition - barely used, about 200 hours top - of which 100 were burning them on stand - suede pads never used - there are no "dirt" marks on headband - it's like new - sale only - buyer pays shipping and fees
  10. stpope

    A Tale of 10 Cans

    A Tale of 10 Cans Stephen Travis Pope - Jan-March, 2020 Introduction This documentation represents a subjective, personal comparison of a diverse collection of headphones and in-ear monitors ranging from relatively expensive new-technology over-ear headphones to old-school dynamics to...
  11. SLC1966

    *SOLD* FS: Dragonfly Red

    Audioquest Dragonfly Red. I am the original owner. It is in perfect working condition. No blemishes except one tiny one it came with when I purchased it. I circled it in one of the pictures. Comes with all original packaging. I can include the Apple Lightning adapter if buyer would like...
  12. BombayTheIndian

    AudioQuest Forest USB A to USB B 0.75m Digital Audio Cable

    SOLD I'm selling a lightly used AudioQuest Forest USB A to USB B 0.75m Digital Audio Cable. No box included. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping within the US. HARD-CELL FOAM INSULATION Hard-Cell Foam (HCF) Insulation ensures critical signal-pair geometry. Any solid material adjacent to a...
  13. Lurk650

    AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon

    Like New. 2nd owner. Comes with both stock pads and cable, along with 2.5 balanced cable and NightHawk Hybrid pads. (That is just some dust on the Microsuede pads) Will cover shipping.
  14. Kevin Tam

    WTB: Audioquest Nightowl

    Hi, Looking for a pair of AQ Nightowls in good condition. I am located in Hong Kong and willing to pay for full international shipping. Please PM if you have a pair to sell! Thank you. :)
  15. silvahr

    Sold: Audioquest Nighthawk (mint) + extra AQ cable

    Selling Audioquest Nighthawk liquid wood headphones. Absolutely in mint condition without any signs of use (used less than 30 hours). Bought December 2018. I'm the first owner and will send the invoice by PM. Pet free and smoke free ambient. In original box and with all original accessories...
  16. fpantalone

    Audioquest Jitterbug (in Europe)

    40 euro OBO/ Approximately 2 years old. Perfect condition. At 40 euro I'll pay insured shipping within EU. Paypal.
  17. TommyFro

    All gone

    Looking to sell a few things that I no longer have a need for. Items will all be shipped in padded envelopes using USPS first class. Discounts available for bundles. All prices are shipped and PP in the CONUS Alo Audio Litz: SOLD$40 - balanced 2.5mm to mmcx with...
  18. Lohb


  19. felix3650

    FS: MINT Dragonfly Red [SOLD]

    Selling my MINT condition Dragonfly Red. I'm the second owner but the unit has been kept as best as one can from both me and the first owner. I forgot to take a pic of the box but as you can see from the previous owner's pic I have everything. EDIT: forgot to say that I've put low hours on the...
  20. Mediahound

    [SOLD]: AudioQuest 8ft 4-pin XLR Balanced NightHawk NightOwl HiFi Man Headphone Cable

    I originally ordered this direct from Audioquest. These are for the NightHawk / NightOwl headphones but will also work on HiFiMan headphones and any headphones that use a 2.5mm jack on the earcups. Great sounding cable that uses Audioquest's solid PSC+ perfect surface copper wiring. Amp side is...
  21. OldDude04

    SOLD - AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon

    SOLD Up for sale is my great condition AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon. Comes with all original accessories and packaging, including both set of stock pads, stock cable, and carrying case. I'm looking for $160, that includes shipping and Paypal fees (CONUS only). Not looking for any trades atm...
  22. Avenida

    [FS] Audioquest Forest USB Cable 1.5m USB A to to Micro USB

    Awesome cable, just moved away from a DAC that uses micro USB. Used very sparingly at home, has sat in a drawer most of the time. Features include: - Solid 0.05% Silver Connectors - Hard Cell Foam Insulation Selling for a fraction of the retail cost, priced for quick sale. Open to offers...
  23. Daanvand

    [Sold] Chord Mojo with AudioQuest Cinnamon USB 75 CM [EU]

    Because it's always nice to try something else once in a while my Chord Mojo is up to sale. Have always used it with my laptop with the also included AudioQuest Cinnamon USB cable. Tried it portable yesterday and got 2 hours out of it before the led battery indicator went blinking. The Mojo...
  24. mikewr

    [WTS] Lavricable (Ultimate Line) Silver Cable for Audioquest/Certain Hifiman --> 1.5m Length / 2.5mm Termination

    Length of cable is 1.5m so it's intended for portable use. Termination is 2.5mm TRRS balanced. Works with Audioquest and certain Hifiman's. Not sure of all the models it's compatible with so please do your research (I used it a lot with my old edition x v2 just fine). I rarely use this cable...
  25. KaiserTK

    SOLD: AudioQuest Big Sur 0.6m/2ft RCA Interconnects

    Great condition and I decided to let it go since I already have the AQ Water and AQ Yukon. I think it has really great build quality and I also like the sound so much I decided to upgrade down the AQ lineup. Original box is included and note length is a short 0.6m/2ft. Price is $70 firm which...