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Shiit Eitr with AudioQuest Jitterbug USB Filter?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pichu, Dec 1, 2017.
  1. pichu
    So I currently am running a

    Laptop > AudioQuest Jitterbug > AudioQuest Forest USB > Topping D30 > Audioquest Forest RCA > Topping A30 > Headphones

    it sounds good, but i honestly want to run my setup through SPDIF instead of USB for now on. No good reason really! Maybe just an excuse to spend more money? So, would i be able to throw a 'Shiit Eitr USB to SPDIF converter' into that lineup? I was told chaining the AudioQuest Jitterbug with another Jitterbug would cause the sound quality to get worse. Will adding in the Shiit Eitr cause the same malfunction?

    If the Jitterbug did cause the sound to get worse if the Shiit Eitr was installed then I could just not use the Jitterbug. But It would be in my best interest to use all audio equipment i have purchased rather than just have it sitting in a drawer.

    Any one have experience with this?
  2. jcn3
    if you look at the various jitterbug threads, there's a lot of variability in the quality of the experience. some people find the jitterbug helps, some say it hurts (mostly sucking life out), others say it does nothing. so in that way, your experience is not unusual.

    bottom line is that you have to go with what sounds best for you. if you have stuff you don't use and it makes your system sound the best it can, then that's the right use of it for you. just sell the jitterbug and move on! the good news is the investment was small.

    btw -- did you try putting the jitterbug in a neighboring usb port vs inline with the eitr? may get a different outcome that way.
  3. rkw
    Eitr provides electrical isolation and reclocks the data. Putting a Jitterbug in front of it is just audio nervosa but there's nothing to stop you from trying it. I notice that the Topping D30 supports DSD input. Eitr only supports PCM, so if you have DSD recordings it won't work out.

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