Audioquest Niagara 1000 and Thunder Power Cable Loaner Program

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  1. Todd Contributor
    Hi All,

    We have been playing with the Niagara 1000 for a few months and feel it is one very good upgrade for a headphone rig or mid size speaker rig. For this loaner program we are including Audioquests new Thunder power cable. The Niagara does not come with a power cable and we wanted you to be able to use it with an appropriate cable.


    The Niagara 1000 sells for $999.95


    The Audioquest Thunder Power Cable sells for $624.95 for a 1 meter length or $749.95 for a 2M length

    Loaner Program Rules:

    Send your name and address as well as a telephone number and your Head-Fi user name to me at Do NOT PM me as you will not be included in the program without an email.

    You will get the loaner for 1 week to use in your home with your system. After your one week is up, you must send it to the next loaner participant. Email me ( the tracking info so I can pass it on to the recipient.

    You MUST write a review and post it in this loaner thread. It must be posted in the same thread as this announcement for the loaner program. Please post the review here first and feel free to post it somewhere else if you like!

    Once you have received the loaner, email me to let me know you have it and I will send the address for the next person.

    Our loaner programs are USA only. We are restricted from shipping/selling outside the USA on most products.

    I look forward to hearing from those interested in the Niagara 1000!

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  2. Mshenay Contributor
    Neat, email sent
  3. Todd Contributor
    Here is a link to a short review of the Niagara 1000 and Thunder Power cable from Headphone.Guru

    There are still space for more to sign up. This is a very good unit and I encourage anyone who has been thinking about power conditioning to give this a try.

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  4. glassmonkey
    These are excellent. Demoed at Sound & Vision Bristol 2018. USA peeps should get on this.

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