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Audioquests new Dragonfly Cobalt @TTVJAudio.com

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Todd, Jul 8, 2019.
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  1. CrystalGipsy
    Anyone noticing on Android that when setting the volume in UAPP do listening level, when using other apps sound is way to low. It seems non have direct control of the DACs hardware volume. Very annoying or am I doing something wrong?
  2. juansan
    I am still waiting for my DFC (which should be arriving tomorrow) and my LCD-4z is running in as of 4 days ago. Can’t wait to try them together. What’s your impression having both already?
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  3. nick97
    I've been loving it, I'm sure the 4z could get a little better with more power going to them but for simplicity when you just want to listen to music this setup is hard to beat. I get plenty of volume and the music coming through is clear and dynamic, you can tell when a song has been recorded like crap but that doesn't happen often. Overall they're both a 10 out of 10 for me
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  4. juansan
    Awesome. I can’t wait to hear the combo. Right now have been running the LCD-4z in using DFR but actual listening (every 12 hours more or less) using Oppo HA-2SE. I would like to move on to (as in purchase) hugo2 within the next month or so with the Audeze’s for home listening (multiple places so need some portability, hence the hugo2) and then travel set up the DFC with Shure SE-846s. Either way would still like to hear the Audeze’s with the DFC and compare to the DFR to really hear the difference.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  5. juansan
    Hiya I am also thinking of moving to the DFC and Shure SE846s. I read Alex asking the same thing as you on this thread specifically regarding the 846s but I don’t think anyone has answered. I have never had a problem with the Shure SE425/DFR combo but it would be pointless to move to the 846s if they have a known “incompatibility” with the Dragonflies.

    Has anyone tested the actual DFC/SE846 combo and does it have a sensitivity issue picking up hiss from the DFC?
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  6. juansan
    Picked up my DFC this morning and have already run some quick A/B comparisons against the DFR, both running from iPhone XR through CCK2 into B&W P7s. Initial impressions: the low end seems less boomy and more controlled on the cobalt which also reaches slightly lower down so overall a noticeable improvement. Cannot assess the mid frequencies properly given the time constraints and this will need more listening later this evening. The highs are noticeably clearer, I think the window cleaning analogy used by one reviewer is very apt, the DFR opens a window into the sound but the DFC cleans it better. Maybe saying the DFC removes all the glass from the window and lets you “see” with absolutely no distortion is an exaggeration but the general idea is there as the DFC definitely sounds a little clearer. I have also noted that 3D imaging has improved with the soundstage having become more three dimensional (ie deeper) with the DFC.

    Now these are noticeable differences with a direct A/B comparison of both dragonflies and as is usually the case when specifically listening out for differences in a comparison you tend to notice them more than you would ordinarily. Personally some may not want to upgrade if they already have a DFR but I would definitely say that the sonic differences are there and, to my mind, worth the extra cost, especially if you don’t have either of the two and are considering being a first time buyer and evaluating an difference of $100 or equivalent. Whether the same is the case to someone that already has a DFR and would have to pay the full price for a new product is subjective. Either way I would strongly recommend anyone to go for an A/B comparison before buying.

    Regarding the construction the USB connection seems very solid, on par with my DFR however the headphone socket seems ever so slightly loose. Nothing worrisome but given previous comments I thought it worth my while to note this.

    Overall quite pleased and looking forward to some more serious listening later today with much better headphones.
  7. soundperfection
    how is cobalt handling sensitive iems like shure 846
  8. juansan
    From what I have read a little bit hissy but acceptable. I have still to try it myself. On the “dragonfly cobalt vs” thread ElertricL has posted his impressions and he says he is happy with the sound
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
  9. Wiljen
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