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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. CaptainFantastic
    Hi Sonic, read some of the posts above and was stunned by your over the top reaction to the use of a very common term. The original poster was super cool and apparently did not take it as an offense, but that is a credit to him, because your post was simply outrageous.

    Are you sure that you aren't being racist against people of European background in your post above (even if you are one yourself)? Why did the homogeneity of the little town in Canada make you feel uncomfortable? Would you also be uncomfortable if you go to a little town in Vietnam and everyone is East Asian or a little town in lovely Gabon and everyone is of African origin? Is homogeneity something that is allowed for all cultures except Europeans? There are European nations that do not have a colonial legacy, so we don't have this built in guilt or whatever you are carrying around. Reflect on this.

    I know this is wildly off topic, but it had to be said. I will not post again on this subject.
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  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    @CaptainFantastic Yes, I already admitted that I overreacted to the OP, and this will also be my last post on the subject as it is indeed quite OT. My apology to the thread for this brief indulgence. I am quite sure that I am not being racist against western European's. I feel it was a perfectly valid response to the little town being so homogenous in racial composition. Canada was built upon colonialism and then further built upon by immigration with various waves being deliberately exploited, and that doesn't even touch on Canada's horrible treatment of our Indigenous people. That little town is very close to some major urban centres and is one of the oldest, but consistently growing rural community meaning it should have begun some appropriate level of diversification by this point. This is not at all the first time I have been there and each time noticed the homogeneity. I am sure there are somewhere a few people/families of colour there, but if so it is a tiny percentage.

    No, my reaction would not be negative if I found homogeneity in the countries that you mentioned as they were not the beneficiaries of colonialism nor are they currently built upon by immigration from white dominant nations (certainly not to any significant/meaningful extent). It is the fact that here in Canada we have both exploited and been built by peoples of colour reaching our level of affluences accordingly and as such I as a Canadian would prefer to see a better mix of races and cultures everywhere that I travel in Canada, certainly in towns like the one that I mentioned as it is affluent, very lovely and most importantly, quite close to urban centres. If it was a less central, very rural community, my reaction would certainly be less pronounced while I would still hope to see more diversity down the road.

    This is not guilt, it is acknowledgement, and I don't mind if you elect to challenge my point of view as driven by guilt rather than by substantive analysis, that is your right. Anyway, far, far too OT and again my apology for this to the thread.
  3. Beagle
    Any small village or town without shopping malls, buses, hospitals or dollar stores is not going to be appealing to the masses. I think a lot of people would like to live in these smaller places but cannot afford the transportation (a car) to get into the larger cities when they need to. But I think you will eventually see a lot of diversity in the populace when the current workforce wants to retire outside the big city.
  4. kennyb123
    What is the evidence for “brain acclimation”?

    I am dubious about this as an explanation based on the time it has taken before most have felt it takes for these to have finally settled in. I would think that “brain acclimation” would be something most would not take too long to achieve. We are all well trained at quickly re-acclimating ourselves - especially those who listen to different headphones or speakers.

    Personally speaking, I don’t think I noticed much burn-in as I wasn’t too fond of the NightOwl until I ditched the stock cable. Once I replaced the cable, acclimation was nearly instantaneous and I was pleased with where things landed.
  5. Shahram
    What cable did you switch to and what were the differences?
  6. Mhog55
    Yes, can you please tell us the cable you sourced?
  7. kennyb123
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
  8. Shahram
  9. kennyb123
    Wireworld unfortunately just exited the headphone cable business. I have a single Nano-Silver that was terminated to support the NightOwls.
  10. Shahram
    Bummer! Pretty surprising that a company like Audioquest whose bread and butter is cables wouldn't supply Nightowls with a more optimal cable, sound wise and ergonomically.
  11. kennyb123
    That surprised me as well. Note that they have come out with a replacement cable:



    I think I'd look instead to Moon Audio's Dragon cables.
  12. Shahram
    Thanks for the recommendation. I'm not having any luck finding the nightbird model one cable, but Moon Audio's seems to be a universally good option.
  13. BubbaJay
  14. AR3T3
    Can the Audioquest Nightbird Model One cable be had in a balanced config? Loving the Nightowl so far, no regrets. :dt880smile:
  15. BubbaJay
    I don't think it does because I'd get one to use with my M11 if they did.
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