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AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ghostchili, Jan 7, 2015.
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  1. jaco61
    The hm5 pads are highly recommended to all NH owner I think. They give the NH a very different and more brighter signature which I also like. I had to tame the highs a little with 1 or 2 plies of toilet paper, thats my taste just.
    The iBasso PT1 pads can be ordered via Ibasso HP http://www.ibasso.com/cp_xq_dy.php?id=7855#page1 they are priced attractive with just 25 usd and better made than dekonis I recently had. Soundwise its a perfect and imho even better alternative to the stock AQ hybrid pads.

    And... they are so easy to install. You do not have to make holes in backside of the pads. The edge on the back of the pads is so small that the ring fits inside without beeing blocked by the 4 prongs of the ring.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019
  2. Devodonaldson
    Are you using the same pads ine as carbons come with protein, not hybrid pads
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  3. billbishere
    I was curious about HM5 pads. I use the Velor ones that came with it, they seem to brighten things up a bit over the leather ones. I would be curious too the exact Hm5 pads that are being used with success.
  4. mbwilson111
    That is great if that is what you want, but don't recommend them to ALL NH owners. I would not want mine to have a brighter signature. I bought them because they were said to have a bit darker signature. I have the original wood ones with the original hybrid pads.
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  5. jaco61
    Brainwavz hm5 hybrid
  6. jaco61
    Thank you! ..just for all I wrote but I meant only those who want a brighter signature sometimes for contrast or fun as it makes the sig. really different Unbelievable that the hawk is able to that too :wink:
    these pads are exacty named Brainwavz HM5 hybrid

    stock hybrid pads of the wood version is still the darkest option
    with stock alcantara pads of the carbon version the NH is a tiny bit less dark .. still typically nighthawk sound imho.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019
  7. groucho69
    Agreed. Why mess with perfection?
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  8. mks100
    Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon.png
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  9. groucho69
    A Steal!
  10. Qute Beats
    Hi, do you know if any of the brainwavz pads that fit the HM5 also fit the hawks? Amazon UK presents with me with quite a list when searched for the name you gave (e.g. Brainwavz Hybrid Memory Foam Earpad - Black PU/Velour - Suitable For Large Over The Ear Headphones). Don't need now, but useful to know for future. thanks.
  11. Qute Beats
    Anyone happen to know if those iBasso pads are sold in the UK? Their UK distributor Advanced MP3 Players have none listed. Thanks.
  12. jaco61
    ..you only can order direct via Ibasso HP
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  13. billbishere
    Great deal! Tempting for me to pick up a backup pair.
  14. Qute Beats
    and here in UK?
    Price: £643.36 & FREE Delivery
  15. CaptainFantastic
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