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AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ghostchili, Jan 7, 2015.
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  1. Devodonaldson
    I bought a replacement cable after getting mine. After months, I decided to try out the original thick cable. It just sounds so much better to me, I had to go back to it. I definitely get a more full low end out of the Audioquest cable than a couple less expensive alternatives I have
  2. Hi-Fi EDU
    Did so a few months back. If you can afford it and appreciate what these headphones do, the sense of peace a back-up pair brings is quite underrated :).
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  3. mks100
    In what way were they defective? I noticed the Adapter was removed from AudioQuest's Web Site. I am having one sent to me from AudioQuest and I also purchased another one from Turntable Lab via Amazon. I tried a Google search but nothing came up. Thank you.
  4. mbwilson111
    Just was not making proper contact for some people. It is possible that there were different results with different amps. My problem was in the other end of the plug... the connection to the cable itself. We already had what seems like dozens of adapters here anyway that came with other things.
  5. CaptainFantastic
    Yes, for me it was not plugging in properly into the Grace m900 (somehow a bit smaller than needed) and producing crackling noises in the headphones when the adapter was moving. I took it out and never used it again. No other 1/4" had an issue with the m900.
  6. Bern2
    I threw mine away. It was junk.
  7. mbwilson111
    I have mine somewhere as a souvenir. It does say Audioquest on it and looks kind of cool.
  8. Nitreb
    I still have the original AQ adapter - No problem with it. It's silver-plated, so it oxydizes over time; you need to clean it with the supplied cloth (don't know if it's still provided in the package). You can find almost the same adapter at JDS Lab ($5 US) - the only difference AFAIK is that it's gold-plated instead of silver-plated: https://jdslabs.com/product/jds-labs-premium-35mm-635mm-14in-adapter/

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  9. mks100
    The Definition of Insanity. This is my 3rd go around with the NightHawk. My first with the NightHawk Carbon. I was considering a “neutral” compliment for my Grado GH2 and it came down to the NightHawk Carbon vs. the Sennheiser HD6XX (which I have owned 2 versions of the HD650, the HD600 and the HD58X). To rewind, I had added the Boost Pads, the Ultra-Suede Pads and “new” NightHawk Cable to my second pair of NightHawk “Wood”. I had been burned before, but we never truly learn.

    Perspective. I sold all of the above Schiit and I was left with my GH2 and Sony WH-1000XM3 for travel. I still wanted a set of neutral/reserved/complimentary/COMFORTABLE Headphones for daily driving. Once they dropped to $200. Well...

    Caveat. I purchased the NightBird Model One Headphone Cable as I knew from prior experience the NightHawk Cable (all 3) was a Dumpster Fire. Better said and done here…


    Additional Caveat. I get it. These Cans are "as Dark as the Midnight Sky". Been there and done that. The “1,000,000 Hour Burn-In where they final reach Metamorphosis and lean across the Finish Line for a win" is ingrained in the mythoglogy of these Headphones. Got it. Thanks a bunch. I'm a dumb ass so please use small words and phrases.

    Apologies, burying the headline here…

    Headline. These are a truly an epic set of Cans. > than the original "Wood" version. Beg, Borrow and/or Steal and add these to your collection.

    Overview. To be continued. Only @ 25 Hours of Burn-In...
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  10. waynes world
    Entertaining write-up! But aren't the Carbons and the Woods exactly the same except for the pads and paint?
  11. mks100
    AudioQuest's Marketing...

    "A more sophisticated, more mature version of the award-winning NightHawk, NightHawk Carbon boasts several acoustic, ergonomic, and cosmetic refinements..."

    ...36 Hours in I would have to say they are less veiled and more energetic/forward than the Wood from memory. More to come.
  12. Devodonaldson
    Yes. The "energetic/forward " sound is a result of the pleather pads, vs the hybrid of the original. No further difference other than cable
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  13. billbishere
    So I am curious. Has anyone that owns the NightHawk Carbons done a comparison side by side with the LCD2c? Just curious how they compare sound wise. But wanting LCD's for awhile, recently got the isine10s and LOOOOVE them so, I am really wanting to get some LCD2c's. But if they don't sound much different / better then I will just skip it.
  14. xRaptorxPunisher
    Much different to each other. The Nighthawk has a much more Wooly sound, bass is much more bloomy, not as potent or textured. You can really struggle to hear pitch differentiation without adjusted to the Hawks sound. The 2C is more linear, bass is much more full without sounding bloomy and the low notes hit like a sledge hammer with more heft and sustain. Treble is similar on that both have a rough treble but the Hawks is more peaky but can be masked by the mid bass. The NH is way more closed in, basically a closed phone and can be suffocating in comparison. The 2C has a much more large, speaker like presentation with a more lively and dynamic sound. The mids on the Nighthawk are slightly lean, lacking body and weight while the 2C has a more lush presentation here.

    Overall resolution is on par, edge to the edge to the 2C while the micro detail is a win for the Classic. Best in mind these are much more different presentations the NH is basically a U shaped headphone with mid bass boom while the 2C is linear, dynamic sounding with a very fast sound.
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  15. billbishere
    Anyone else? That OWNS them both.
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