1. S

    Help: I love my HE-400i but I need a replacement

    Long story short: about 10 months ago I dabbled in the world of headphones, did research for a month, stumbled upon the gem (or so I thought) of HiFiman and purchased the HE-400Is. I LOVED the sound. The imagining and sound stage are so good. I could pick out instruments in a performance and...
  2. DavidKL

    Hifiman HE-400i cable replacement

    As you probably already know, hifiman "attempted" to make a "quality" cable for the more recent cables, problem it is stiff AF, thick and really don't like to be bend at all. I Would really like to hear if there is a decently priced (sub 25 bucks Preferably, but I guess 45$ is still reasonable)...
  3. ghostchili

    AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

    I'm looking forward to hearing some Impressions on the NightHawks. The only person I know that's had time with them is Jude. Hopefully they show up at CES and we can get some initial thoughts/comparisons. I have some on order and will post my findings as soon as I can.