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Audio Technica ATH-W5000 headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by welly wu, Feb 7, 2010.
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  1. fa02
    Hello, which headphone stand do you use with your W5000 ? (The Omega doesn't fit very well.)
  2. ithilienrp

    Anything that let you rest the metal frame/band directly against would do. I'm using the stand that comes with Fostex TH900. Maybe the Just Mobile one would do the job as well, I'm not sure about the height though (since I don't have one).
  3. Whaleshark12
    I'm using the Fostex HP V1. Sounds pretty ok for me though. 
  4. SunTanScanMan

    I use the wooden fiio stand. It's affordable, study and looks good.
  5. fa02
    @ SunTanScanMan and ithilienrp
    Thank you very much for yours answers. I have tried the Just Mobile, but the height is too short.
    I will take a look at yours other propositions.
  6. SunTanScanMan
  7. KopaZ
    I just got these woodies today. it sounds very bright for some electronics that i have, but otherwise surprisingly good for a "Closed back headphone" that sounds very open.
  8. Whaleshark12

    Try with acoustic music (with female vocal). It is spectacular! [​IMG]
  9. KopaZ
    anyone tried adding detachable cable mod onto w5000, by the way? im planning to put 2.5mm jacks onto it.
  10. richardfugh
    I have ATH W3000ANV and ATH L3000 but I don't have this one. It is said that it doesn't sound good if it is not used with HA5000
  11. mogs
    I love these with Yamamoto HA-02 tube amp, there is something magical about this combo, especially female voices as many have said. Even better than the W3000ANV. It is not the same with any other solid state amp like Naim Headline or Benchmark
  12. ithilienrp
    I really wonder how W5000 would sound with a HA5K amp (said to be a clone of HA5000).
  13. KopaZ
    got my w5000 modded with detachable cables (2.5mm) :D
  14. Whaleshark12

    Wow, pics please! :D
  15. KopaZ
    2.5mm jacks are B- to work with, without helping hands..
    that red cable is the spare one i had when i had hd700, I ordered a black cable to match w5000's color.
    Another stuff i found; putting a foam onto w5000's earpad seems to make treble peaks go away and make bass punch harder.
    I think that's the foam that i pulled out from, because i got the earpad along with my he-560.
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