Audio Technica ATH-W5000 headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by welly wu, Feb 7, 2010.
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  1. Whaleshark12
    Did you make it with Shure's headphone MMCX connector or you just hard solder into it?
    Could you take a pics of your inner driver (I mean by taking off pad only) Mine seems to have been vented. I don't find it sibilant myself as it sound really heavenly with that spike, (for me at least)
  2. KopaZ
    that's the jack i used, (except i ordered it from amazon which ships from US, not from godawful china that takes 2+ weeks to get it delivered)
    EDIT: Perhaps those metals covering the diaphragm is the source of resonance? 
  3. Whaleshark12
    Never seen that kind of pin before. Btw the one I'm referring to is the tapes vent (White colour) Mine apparently is blue in colour.. 
  4. KopaZ
    not sure, could be unique from headphones to headphones.
    I've seen T1's inner cables having different colors, because I had two T1s..
  5. gunnerwholelife
    Hey I just got my W5000 today.
    It's beautiful but I want more forward mids.
    Any suggestions ?
  6. Aethelred
    Put a bit of rubber hose/rope inside the leather part. This for me added to mids a lot and made the sound fuller.
  7. akg fanboy
    I've ordered a w5000 to replace my Q701s, hopefully the mids are enough of an improvement that I will keep them. From my understandings the bass is similar to the 700 line of akg headphones with a more forward midrange and more relaxed sounding treble by comparison. On paper, they really do seem to be the sound I've been looking for.
  8. viralcow
    If you wanna describe the signature that way, sure. But the soundstage and presentation are entirely different between the two. Can you really compare them? I'd keep the Q701 if I were you.
  9. akg fanboy

    I am not selling my Q701s anytime soon, I love them just as much as I want an upgrade. I know the audio technicas are a closed back so they don't have as large soundstage by comparison but the w5000 is the only headphone that really matches the sound signature I've been looking for. The upper mids on my Q701s are presented in an extremely pleasing tonality (especially electric guitars), but I realize the tonality isn't exactly realistic sounding. So although I actually enjoy the "plasticy mids", I also want a more realistic presentation. Also I am looking for more midrange in the 2khz region, but most midrange forward headphones have too much bass for me. I think they can complement each other very well
  10. akg fanboy
    Received my w5000s today. They have similar clamping force to my Q701s and the wing design makes sure you will never forget that you are wearing them, but they are not uncomfortable like some reviewers have suggested. The frequency response I hear is very similar to what I heard from all the reviews and charts. From initial impressions, they have plenty of bass and the mids are definitely more forward than my Q701s, but the upper mids for female vocals are almost uncomfortably upfront. The treble seems similar enough to my Q701s to not pose any problems. The soundstage reminds me of the k551s where they are trying to sound wide, but due to the physical limitations of a closed back, the soundstage feels a bit artificial. The biggest issue for me is that vocals compared to my q701s sound like they have a reverb effect and sound somewhat hollow, at least it is not sibilant sounding like my k551s. I will give it more of a listen and see if these are worth keeping.
  11. glennkresge
    I just got my too! I have many high-end cans and I like them too compared to the T-1 first and t-5 second. The Senn HD 8000 are one of my favorites. I have always liked the ATH-M70X compared to all cans. I like the way the 70X adjust on my head better than the ATH-W5000. My W5000 head pad wire tension holder came off on the right head pad. It was a pain to fix it. I like the sound and find them enjoyable with not too much bass.. I have used them on the Fiios X5ii and the 3 along with the fiios 12 amp. I have used them with the e-5 sound blaster, and Teac HA=P50; and Sony NWAZ 17. They sound good without an amp. Thank you for your report it was very good.
  12. akg fanboy
    After using the w5000s for over 2 weeks, the wing system has gotten more and more uncomfortable to the point where I unscrewed and completely removed the wings. I made a quick akg style headband to replace the wings and it's much more comfortable now. Since I've spent some time with them, I can say the treble is smoother than my q701s which make them better for long term listening. My previous complaint about female vocals being too upfront was a false alarm and it was only for 1-2 particular songs. The w5000 is definitely my choice for mids but the longer decay/reverb effect on vocals (I think resonance is the word) are still noticeable sometimes. I will write a full review in a month or so
  13. Aethelred
    I fully agree about some songs - in my collection it is like 4- 5 songs with female vocals that do sound strange and somehow "processed". The rest is absolutely great. Funny that some find wings not comfortable - for me on the other hand this is more comfortable than AKG system.
  14. axtran
    Traded for my W5000 this weekend. I've wanted these for years, and now I am absolutely enjoying them. I'm already an ATH-AD2000 owner, I think this completes my Audio-Technical collection. :)
  15. fa02
    congrats for the W5000.
    Could you please quickly compare the W5000 and the AD2000 ? Are these complementary ?
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