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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. Pokemonn
  2. momos

    ya but i feel its a waste if i buy hd600 but not listening to classical.. hmmm.. i think i will go try them later.
  3. momos
    is the r70x easy to drive? compare to K701 k702 etc..
  4. hakushondaimao
    Haven't hear the 400s, but can personally vouch for the R70x, which I think is excellent.
    One thing to consider in this decision is what source you're going to be using, and where. The R70x israted at 470 ohms, meaning you're going to want an amp to drive it properly, which on-the-go - in most cases - means stacking as the majority of DAPs lack the power to drive it to its full potential. The 400S on the other hand is designed to be used with smartphones and DAPs, making it a better on-the-go option. For home use the portability may not be an issue, but if you don't already have a headphone amp, you'll want one which will add to your overall cash outlay.
  5. hakushondaimao
    Looks like I answered this partially in my previous post. Can't speak for a comparison with the 701/702, but have the K7XX. The R70x are pretty similar in power requirements (surprising at 62 ohms vs. 470 ohms, but that just shows the importance of sensitivity as part of the equation). R70x probably needs a touch more power, but not too much more.
    If you're looking for differences in sound between R70x, HD650 and K7XX, check my review (link in sig) where I spent quite a bit of time comparing the three.
  6. Pokemonn
    wow! this Little Dot I+ and R70x combo(China Japan combo) sounds real music![​IMG]
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  7. momos

    ok man thanks.
  8. deafdoorknob
    thanks for all the highly detailed reviews, I was wondering how much do they leak "outwards"? I realise that they are open, but are we talking about Grado levels or HD6XX levels?

    Also, while I am not really a basshead, I was wondering if it reproduces sub bass (< 30Hz) audibly say if driven by Fiio K12A?

    Personally, I would consider that bass wise, T5p's is acceptable "to me" (not its treble tho)

  9. splodinjoe
    They are very open so they leak a fair amount of sound.
    Has anyone measured these yet? I'm curious how they measure. 
  10. 214324
    Haven't seen any measurements from Tyll or from GoldenEars Korea yet. I thought GoldenEars would have gotten a model rather quickly.
  11. Pokemonn
    earfonia likes this.
  12. XERO1
    [​IMG]  500 Ohm min. w/ 1075 Ohm peak at 85Hz!  These baby's are absolutely gonna require a very strong amp to sound their best. [​IMG]
  13. hakushondaimao

    Perhaps at their best, but they run very well through portable amps like the O2, E12A, Cayin C5 and Aune B1. High impedance, but also high sensitivity. K7XX at 62 ohms requires almost as much power to drive well.
  14. mindbomb
    The measurements remind me of a fidelio, but more controlled with the audio technicas. Loudness wise, going by the sensitivity, it seems like it's in the ballpark of the akg k612 and q701.
  15. momos
    hmm,, anyone try it with balanced cable?
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