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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. Draulius
    I find this very surprising if true. I've used the AD700 and it has a tremendous soundstage, the best of any headphone I've tried under $400. Why would the AD2KX lose so much of it?
  2. lusagi
    The Ad1000x and Ad2000x both go for a different sound than the three lower models. I have the Ad1000x and they do have a larger soundstage, while the r70x smaller more intimate one.
  3. splodinjoe
    I've had these for about a week and I absolutely love them. It's weird to me that more people aren't talking about them. I think a lot of it has to do with how different they are to Audio Technica's house sound. They are so balanced and neutral. My primary cans for almost ten years have been the DT880s so when I saw the T1 on sale I jumped on them. I found them to be way way to bright and non linear compared to the 880s so I returned them. The treble spike made it very difficult to find a comfortable listening volume on a lot of tracks.
    I ended up picking up the ATH-R70x as a sort of consolation headphone based on Lachlan's recommendations and I'm so glad I did. They have exactly the kind of sound signature I've been searching for. They are not as resolving as the T1s but they sound so flat in comparison. I just want a headphone that doesn't add or remove or put it's own spin on the music and this can seems to do that better than anything else I have heard. They do detail just as well as the 880 but reach down much lower. Looking forward to years of enjoyment.
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  4. hakushondaimao

    Glad you're happy with them. Concur completely with your impressions.
  5. Pokemonn

    I also agree with you.
    I am just thinking to sell my T1 instead keep my R70x.
  6. splodinjoe
    How do you find the R70x in comparison to the HD800? When I returned the T1 I was trying to decide if I wanted to blow another $500 and just get the Sennheisers. I spent about an hour at a hifi place A-Bing them against the T1s and they felt more linear but also a little more bass shy. Sort of like an extra resolving DT880.
  7. Pokemonn
    I think HD800 was not good investment for me. HD800 has some peaks in treble which annoy so many people.
    If I ware you and got spare $500, then i will purchase HD650. HD650 is much much more musical headphone than HD800/T1 IMHO.
    HD800/T1 is just for audiophiles who like accuracy.
  8. hakushondaimao
    I preferred R70x to HD650 (review link in sig), but that's not to say I didn't like the HD650. They're both very good, but the R70x hit the sweet spot for me. Pretty much the only open headphone I listen to these days... with occasional K7XX action.
  9. vlenbo
    Hilarious thing, it's practically my end game headphone.
  10. Pokemonn
    yes I agree with you. I also prefer both headphones.[​IMG] 
  11. momos
    Hi guys, i was goin buy my first pair of headphone.. what do guys think of the new hifiman he 400S and r70x? thanks in advance.
  12. Pokemonn
    Lachlan did great review on 400s, must read. Ive never heard 400s(but I had HE560) so I can't comment on it. Im sorry. btw how much your budget?
  13. Asr
    I've found that when it comes to Audio-Technica especially, "upgrading" from the budget headphones to the expensive models doesn't always result in effects that you'd expect. For that reason, IMO Audio-Technica is one of the riskiest brands to buy from in general. You never really know what you're going to get from them. Most other brands have some degree of sonic consistency within their line, but the only sonic consistency I've found with Audio-Technica is that nearly everything is actually inconsistent. I'd go so far to say that anyone who thinks Audio-Technica has a house sound hasn't heard enough Audio-Technica headphones! [​IMG]
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  14. momos

    thanks for replying! around 300-400usd.. i can get r70x with same price as he400s, which is why i cant decide.. or maybe there is other / better option? listen to all genre except classical, heavy metal & techno stuff.
  15. Pokemonn

    R70x is great. one other good option is HD600. 389$ at Amazon.com. personally I prefer HD650 over HD600.
    HD600 with cheap tube amp(you can upgrade amp later) combo sounds real music IMO.
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