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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. fumoffuXx
    I dont see how they are compatible, unless u want to reterminate the 2 headphone side jacks to ath 2.5mm jacks. Then yes they are usable. Or you are saying that make a cable can enables the r70x to be used onto the pha3 which is quite simper to do
  2. kawaivpc1

    No, both of them are using two 3.5mm stereo jacks, meaning their connectors are the same.
    Can anyone try Sony's balanced dual 3.5 mm cable with R70x??
  3. fumoffuXx
    Sorry but r70x connectors are 2.5mm plugs
    kawaivpc1 likes this.
  4. fumoffuXx
    But if u are asking if the r70x can run balanced. Yes they can, im running them on balanced now
  5. kawaivpc1


    If I reterminate the Sony cable into 2.5mm, will there be loss in sound quality?
    I might do that. I prefer Sony cable over obscure custom made cables...
  6. fumoffuXx
    If u do it right shouldn't be an issue. Remember to use the plugs from Luna shop with ath locking mechanism. U cant use normal 2.5mm plugs
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  7. Hachiko270296
    How is the sub bass on these?
  8. Pokemonn

    i feel enough bass from R70x IMO. full body bass.
  9. Pokemonn
    The HM5 ear pads arrived my home.
    Sound signature is changed as same as earfonia mentioned before(post #355).
    ​Very comfortable than stock pads!
  10. fumoffuXx
    +1 using them as well with balanced cables =D sounds rather splendid
    Pokemonn likes this.
  11. earfonia
    Nice! Super cool! [​IMG]
  12. Pokemonn
  13. travis-bickle
    angled or non angled velour hm5 pads? whats the inner diameter of the pads after fitting to circled form of r70x? big thx
  14. fumoffuXx
    not an exact fit. its oval in shape so cups entire ear nicely. requires abit of a stretch to get it fitted on. not angled inner diameter dunnothe exact measurements but i dont recall them covering the drivers :)
  15. travis-bickle

    so the angled version of the pads wouldnt fit?
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