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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. earfonia
    Hi Haku, I'm doing review for Yulong DA8ii, the top of the Yulong stack. the other 2 are my old Yulong DA8 and Yulong A28.  How do I like them? They all have different sound signature [​IMG]
    The old DA8 is smooth with a touch of warmness, IMHO, not very suitable for R70x. Yulong A28, the amp, is even warmer, definitely a no no for R70x. But the new DA8ii had departed from DA8 warm signature, more transparent and detailed, with better texture. I just recently listen to it, it sounds pretty good on R70x, but I will reserve my comments until I have enough time with it.
    You're most welcome!
    V200 is quite neutral, so it is pretty much depending on the DAC section. I find it pretty good for R70x, though my preference is lean more to the ifi stack for R70x.
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  2. pjyi
    on lightning deal right? haha
    I would love to your opinion on them! Keep us updated :)
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  3. hollywings
    Anyone have a Sony MA900? Is this considered an upgrade to the MA900? I watched lachlan's video but still looking out for some more opinions
  4. pjyi
    i had ma900 before i upgraded to r70x. Definitely an upgrade. Of course they are not as comfortable as ma900 but sound much more natural and easier to losten to (i thought ma900 could sound a lil too harsh at times in upper mid)
    Better bass response
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  5. hollywings
    Sweet. My only problem now is: the MA900 is very easy to drive so I just plugged it in my laptop and that's it. Recently I got an e17k from someone I know so I've been using that. Now, will the R70x go okay with the e17k? Or should I (or do I have to) get a new one?
  6. pjyi
    e17 is capable of running r70x with no prob, but e17 sounds warm and doesnt really match with already warm sounding r70x. With the same money i spent on e17, i was able to purchase magni+modi and they are much better match with r70x in my opinion.
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  7. lusagi
    Well I just got my pair of good r70x from the 15% off Amazon warehouse prime day deal last week.  The box was a little beat up, while the 1/4" adapter was loose rolling about the box.  It was definitely used or maybe just tested.  It looked basically like new to me.
    So far my impressions are neutral bass and treble compared to K7XX.  Quite power hungry at -30db on the volume knob straight from my Emotiva DC-1 vs -34db K7XX vs -42db 1000x.  About 60% max volume on a 3rd gen Ipod Touch for a good listening volume.
    The bass quite boost to full not over-powering bass compared to the AD1000x.  The ear pads feel deeper wheres my ears feel like nothing is touching them.  The added depth combined with new headband design are comfortable and increases the tension compared to the AD1000x. In regards to the midrange and highs, I really need to put some time off on the weekend.  Based off memory, the detailing is increased, while the midrange and highs seem similar so far.
  8. Pokemonn
    I bought TEAC HA-501 class A headphone amp recently, so I tested TEAC + R70x combo again.
    5K iMac --USB cable--> TEAC UD-501(DAC) --XLR cable--> TEAC HA-501(headphone amp) -->R70x
    simply I'm stunned!!!
    with this combo R70x sounds Hi-Fi,  NO dull at all, 3D spacial and very clear and very dynamic and analytical but at same time very musical! ahhhh
    I feel guilty right now...[​IMG] because I have been thinking that R70x is very dull headphone! lol[​IMG] i was wrong!
    TEAC will soon discon this units. because new TEAC UD503 has just released.
    if you like analytical sound, this combo may be one of best combo for R70x.
  9. Triodemode
    Does anybody know if Shure SRH940 pads will work on the R70x also?  They seem to have close to the same dimensions as brainwavz HM5 pads.
  10. hollywings
    Also, where did you guys buy your R70x? It's $379 something tax included on Amazon I think? Is that the standard price?
  11. lusagi

    Pretty much $349 everywhere unless you buy it used.  Luckily the 15% from amazon warehouse and the price didn't change much, so I got a decent deal on a like new pair for about $266 after tax.
  12. earfonia
    Awesome setup!
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  13. fumoffuXx
    Heres my balanced r70x :)
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  14. lusagi
    Well I've put in a good amount time listening during week and picked some more comparisons with my AD1000x.
    The R70x separates instruments clearly, but has a much smaller sound stage.  Underneath the earpads surrounding the driver is some foam similar to the K7XX, attached with some glue/double sided tape.
    The AD1000x has some boosts in the mid and high regions, more bass drop off.
    The comparisons was a bit difficult to do since the AD1000x were more efficient than the R70x.  In the end, I would say an R70x is more a complement to my AD1000x, since they sound different EQ and sound stage-wise.
  15. kawaivpc1

    Have you guys tried R70x with Sony PHA 3 and its balanced cable?
    I think R70x and Sony balanced cable are compatible.
    Both uses dual stereo 3.5mm.
    Can anyone try this and tell us how they sound?
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