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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. jfcarbel
    I was wondering about that.   I use my AD700 for movie watching and was wondering how these compared in that area. 
    Even though sound stage depth is smaller, would you consider these a sound upgrade to the AD700's?
  2. Draulius
    If you ignore soundstage, then yes they sound better in all regards in my opinion. They'll sound different too though, less bright and more warm, but I like it.
  3. maikuirock

    If you're asking about the pad materials:
    "ALL Headphones sold by ATUS (Audio-Technica United States) are vegan-friendly except the following:

    ATH-CKW1000ANV (leather case)
    ATH-W5000 (leather earpads)
    ATH-W3000ANV (leather earpads)
    ATH-ESW9A (leather earpads)

    The Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Headphones are not made with any animal byproducts; the earpads are not leather. The earpads we use are made with a vinyl-based or polyurethane-based material that we refer to as leatherette."
    i checked with their site Q&A
    The material is REALLY soft.
  4. Pokemonn
    Hello! R70x lovers.
    I have EQed HD800 today by using Behringer DEQ2496.
    Heavily EQed HD800s can sound as natural as R70x sound!!! lol
    but for me, R70x sounds more more natural than EQed HD800.  
    I also found that HD800s famous harsh highs are treatable by digital EQing.
  5. earfonia
    A nice try! My experience with EQing my T1 was pretty good, EQed T1 sounds slightly better than R70x.
    You have Behringer DEQ2496?  You do mastering?
  6. Pokemonn
    earfonia! Thanks for reply!
    Okay I will also try EQing my T1 later! Yes I have DEQ2496. DEQ2496 is  very good products! I highly recommend.
    I dont mastering etc. I am just a Japanese headfi audiophile since 1980's.[​IMG]
    My first purchased Headfi high end product was STAX SR Lambda signature. very old STAX! They are already brokened. ;(
    earfonia likes this.
  7. Asr
    Sort of a cross-post between the other mega R70x thread, but I've decided to sell mine, it's listed here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/774053/audio-technica-ath-r70x
    I recently found the Garage1217 tube hybrid amps (Ember 2 and Solstice) to drive it very well too. The Ember 2 in particular was an amazing pairing with a 6SN7, really made it come alive.
  8. Pokemonn
    I got JDS O2 amp(customed low gain setting 1x and 2.5x) today.
    Marantz SA11S3 -RCA out-> JDS Objective2 --> R70x 
    O2 and R70x combo work great at 1x gain, no need to use 2.5x gain.but at 2.5x gain setting sound more lively and 3D.
    but with 02 amp, treble sound little bit harsh at low gain setting. but very clear sounding no blur at all.
    someone may prefer this sharp sounding.
    EDIT; my brain has been adjusted!lol I now like O2's sound signature very much, O2 has very clear ultra resolution!Highly recommend!
  9. pjyi
    Has anyone tried R70X with Brainwavz velour earpads? Do they fit perfectly? Are they more comfortable than stock pads? Is there any sound difference?
    I noticed that they will be on amazon lightning deal in about 2 hours and I am wondering if I should get them.
    Thank you!
  10. earfonia
    Hi pjyi, thanks for asking!
    Just tested for you:
    The Brainwavz HM5 earpads perform surprisingly well on ATH-R70x!  It is bigger and more comfortable [​IMG]
    The HM5 earpads are oval, and R70x frame is circle, so need some stretching to fix them to R70x. But still doable.
    The sound signature is shifted to the treble side, overall tonality is brighter than the original stock earpads. Not much brighter, just nice, still within natural sounding category. If someone needs treble boost on R70x, the HM5 earpads does it naturally in a nice way.
    Bass is slightly leaner, but still pretty good, and also less warm. Overall is pretty good, another nice variation of sound signature we can get from R70x [​IMG]
    Personally I still prefer the sound signature of the stock earpads, but HM5 signature is interestingly pretty good as well, and it is more comfortable for people with larger ears.
    FYI, my review on Brainwavz HM5 Earpads:
  11. pjyi
    Hey Earphonia,
    Thank you so much for taking your time to answer my question! :)
    It sure was helpful. I went ahead and made an order.
    I will write a short review once I receive the pair.
    earfonia likes this.
  12. hakushondaimao
    That's quite a stack of Yulong you have there! Bit off topic, but how do you like them? To keep on topic, how do you like them with the R70x?  [​IMG]
  13. Pokemonn
    wow I just bought: 'Brainwavz HM5 Velor Memory Foam Replacements Earpads at amazon LOL. Thank you earfonia! You help us lot! 
    my stock pads are very dirty now...
  14. Pokemonn
    I also have same question for earfonia! Violectoric is good combo for R70x? 
  15. Triodemode
    Does anybody have a link on where to purchase these pads?  Amazon now indicates these velour pads are currently unavailable. [​IMG]
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