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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. hakushondaimao

    Even when I wrote the initial (excited) review, I knew I'd be adding to it. Then when question after question came in the thread asking about comparisons to the K7XX and HD650, the add-on almost wrote itself. Glad it was helpful, and hope you enjoy it when it arrives. Will look out for your impressions.
  2. Beagle
    There was an error/flaw in my original comment on the R70. It was actually the R70x reviewing me, not the other way around.
    There is no low bass on the R70x. The mids and top are natural. Clarity and balance are excellent for it's price point. Lacks dynamics somewhat.....sounds a bit reticent, PRAT is FLAT.
  3. Ra97oR

    I really find that to be the case too. It is no doubt excellent for it's price point but the dynamic just can't compare with the rest of my collection. It is an excellent tool, if not the most natural sounding headphone I have heard but for music enjoyment, there are better ones out there. Even though they might be quite a bit more expensive.
  4. fumoffuXx
    Hey anyone got replacement pads for their r70x?
  5. vlenbo
    It just came in today, and I mostly agree what you stated in your review. The soundstage is very impressive, having a well sized width with great depth. I enjoy how smooth and somewhat warm the sound signature is! The mids are slightly dry (as I listen to the j-pop and j-rock more than anything else) and I have to say that I'm impressed with the balance of clarity, tonality, and warmth. The highs are a bit of a lackluster deal for me. it's not that they lack sparkle (I hear quite enough to where I am satsified), it's just that it sounds a little thin, while lacking a bit of resolution (imo). It is quality treble, however, and enjoy its smooth nature on top of the mids. The bass is surprising, as I feel that it has just slightly less than the msr7s, which is already good enough in quantity. The subbass, as beagle stated, is indeed lacking (since this headphone doesn't reach that low I'd estimate the bass roll off at 50hz).
    I agree, it is flat. That's why I love this sound signature, since I'm already tired of the audio technica house sound that I usually hear. The sibilant (very slight sibilant) headphones that they created (msr7s for one) have made me go for the smooth and warm signature, which is what this AT headphone accomplishes.
    I would agree, but at this price point, I find it hard to find a headphone that can compare (though I cannot write this as a fact as I lack open headphones in my collection).
  6. fumoffuXx
    cook it with pink noise for 500hrs and listen to it again :p
  7. vlenbo
    You're right, lol. I hear the treble a little better, and it's either because of the recording, or because I'm getting used to it.
    I love this headphone, the soundstage is phenomenal in width and depth, mostly on depth. The imagery is fantastic, I feel that this headphone will do more than well in gaming. The sound is smooth and warm with the clarity that I wanted from a headphone! Good job Audio Technica.
  8. hakushondaimao

    Glad you're enjoying it. Still tops in my book.
  9. Draulius
    I can confirm that the R70x performed well for gaming too, much better than the DT880 I used to have but not as good as the K712. Directions of sounds were easy to pinpoint, the only issue I had was hearing how far away the sounds were. They all sounded closer to me, the K712 handled this better. So maybe there's a lack of depth compared to some other headphones. This headphone is even more superb for music. Warm, smooth and balanced are the three words I'd use to describe this headphone. Nothing feels recessed and it has a nice balance of everything for music enjoyment, especially bass which was a surprise. I easily enjoyed the sound of these more than the K712 as well as the comfort. My AD700 ONLY beat these in terms of soundstage depth. I'm also curious how they compare with the AD2000X.
    I was a bit worried about how much smaller these headphones are in person, but those feelings went away instantly when I put them on. Amazing comfort and seal, good for long listening or gaming sessions. Didn't have to readjust them once. Probably the most comfortable headphone I've used so far.
  10. vlenbo
    I definitely am, I just love how realistic it sounds. While electric guitars may bit have the crubchiness that I desire, the acoustic instruments sound so lifelike.

    I'm glad you still enjoy them, and thank you again for the review.

    Thank you for posting my sentiment, and a comparison! I hope more people will be able to listen to these, I'm glad it can st least compete against the akg.
  11. earfonia
    Thanks for the comparison with K712!
  12. Vadercellkey
    I'm also curious how they compare with the AD2000X. [2]
  13. Pokemonn
    Okay...I have both headphones. So I will compare between AD2000X and R70x. first, sorry for my bad English.
    For fair comparison, both headphone's sound volume are adjusted same level at 1kHz by using 1kHz test signal.
    IMO, I feel AD2000X sound more sharper and bit "louder".
    AD2000x sound more information than R70x.
    But R70x sound more more natural than AD2000X.
    R70x sound more gently than AD2000X.
    R70x sound more low bass balanced than AD2000X.
    R70x sound more "comfortable" than AD2000X.
    edit;R70x sound slightly brighter than AD2000X.
    edit;R70x soundstage bit wider than AD2000X, when Hilary Hahn's violin solo tracks played. 
    Thanks! :wink:
    earfonia, Synthax and Jeff Y like this.
  14. Vadercellkey
    Thanks for your impressions. 
    Pokemonn likes this.
  15. Cankin
    Hi everyone, I'm selling my R70x. 
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