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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. vlenbo
    The audio technica r70x fails to continue impressing me.
    These are the smoothest, somewhat warm, and transparent headphones I own so far. The soundstage is phenomenal, and the accuracy that I hear is stupendous. 
    I seriously want more people to own this and enjoy it (when they can afford it, unfortunate as the price point is not really what people would want or expect).
    I believe it is worth the price though, weird.
  2. Ra97oR
    I found the same, granted it was going up against far more expensive headphones. Don't get me wrong, they are in no way lacking but it just lacks the certain quirks that makes it special. It doesn't make anything sounds better or worse unlike my other headphones, which seems to enhance the music in their own way.

    For the price, I would say they are the best overall you can get however.
  3. tayz33r
    This is probably a really dumb question. Is there a way for me to use a splitter to split the audio signal between two coiled cables for the M50x and use it on the R70x?
  4. Draulius
    I'm trying the Philips Fidelio X2 currently and it's my favorite headphone I've had under $400 besides the R70x. If anyone is interested in how these two compare, I'd say the R70x is more warm and smooth sounding while the X2 is brighter with punchier bass. The R70x also has a fair amount of bass but not as much, but it's tighter than the X2's. The X2's soundstage is more distanced and it's easier to tell the location of sounds in applications such as gaming or movies. Build quality goes to the X2, but both have excellent comfort even though the R70x is much lighter. Winner of music goes to the R70x, whereas the X2 is the better all-rounder for things like movies and games.
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  5. vlenbo

    Just a question. Does deeper mean wider, or actually deeply layered?
  6. Draulius
    Deeply layered. Meaning sounds can seem further away from you, which is helpful in things like movies or games where the sounds would be further away in real life. But in terms of width, both are wide enough for me.
  7. vlenbo
    Thank you! Nice, seems they both do well.
  8. Draulius
    I agree, you can't go wrong with either of them.
  9. earfonia
    Thanks for the comparison! Quite similar to what I hear from my Fidelio X1. X1 a little bit more lively presentation with more spacious layered imaging. And a little more bass and treble, a little more V shape than R70x. I really like them both.
  10. Triodemode
    Not sure how many others here have tried the R70x with tube amplifiers as some thought it might sound a little too dark or veiled however, pairing these headphones with my newly acquired Earmax Silver Edition OTL class A triode amp turned out to be a glorious experience.  All of the balanced tonality from top to bottom of the R70x was maintained.  It conveyed all of the increased sound stage depth, beautiful organic midrange and airy highs that good tube amps deliver.  This experience was of course using NOS tubes that cost half of what I paid for the amp.
    The combination also narrowed the gap with my HD650.  Although the 650 had a slight edge in micro dynamics and detail, the tonal accuracy of the R70x made it a tough call particularly in livelier music with more dynamic contrast.  I was completely surprised to find that my 600 ohm DT880 was a less than perfect match with this amp.  There was plenty of drive though the sound was somewhat clinical and strident, similar to what the iFi micro's headphone amp produced with it.
    I hope this invites more people to try the R70x with tube gear and report their findings here also. [​IMG]
  11. vlenbo
    Exactly, and to me that's the strong suit of this headphone. What it lacks in dynamics, it compensates with the most accurate tonality that I've ever heard in a headphone/in-ear monitor. 
    Male and female vocals are equal, realistic, and open instead of congested, nasal, or overbearing. Males are finally as important as females, unlike the audio technica house sound that always emphasizes females. To me, this is a huge improvement over past audio technica headphones. This headphone will see a review from me as well as their other products.
    I wish I owned the x1 (or should I say the x2), however, just reading your comparison makes me a bit uneasy as I am treble sensitive. I do hope people buy the x1/x2 though.
  12. Hachiko270296
    What material are the cups? not the grill, I know that's metal but the outside where the headphone connects and surrounding.
  13. Ra97oR
    It is fibre reinforced polymer. It's not magnesium like many other top end AT but certainly not cheap plastic. Very strong it seems.
  14. vlenbo
    http://www.head-fi.org/t/774031/the-audio-technica-headphone-comparison-thread in case anyone wants to know how the r70x compares with the rest of my audio technica collection.
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  15. earfonia
    Wow! That's a good one! Thanks @vlenbo !
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